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Plate freezers for onboard and onshore projects in the US


A well-established department in Seattle and a strong partnership with Scan American Corporation allows Carsoe to offer customized plate freezing solutions for US customers in both the land-based and the offshore processing industry.

For land-based processing equipment in both the petfood and food segments, Scan American has been a preferred partner for production and processing companies for over 40 years. Likewise, Carsoe has a long history of supplying high-quality plate freezing solutions.

A strong plate freezing partnership


Carsoe and Scan American have had a professional partnership on the US market for 3 years now and the partnership has resulted in a series of successful plate freezing installations and happy customers across the US. 

- “Plate freezing is the preferred freezing method for many of our customers in specific segments and the Carsoe plate freezers offer both the capacity and reliability our customers demand,” says Ben Parker, Managing Director at Scan American, who is glad to be close to the US customers to provide service and assistance for their production setup.

Higher usage of the freezers through automated processing


Plate freezers are an important part of many food processing systems. By optimizing the filling and emptying of the freezers, the freezing capacity is increased as the time spent between freezing cycles is reduced.

For customers in the US, Scan American often unites the best from Carsoes plate freezing technologies with that of other partners. By combining Mesmec’s filling and emptying equipment with Carsoes plate freezers the production run with high efficiency and yield.