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Reduce manual labor with an Automatic Freezing Solution

In modern production facilities automation is a must. Optimized production flow and better working conditions for the factory workers are just some of the advantages of an automated plate freezing solution designed to increase your productivity.

The V16 Vertical Plate Freezer with our unique Automatic Unloading System ensures no manual heavy lifting or the risk of dropping frozen blocks. The automatic freezing solution is highly suitable for automatic bag infeed and palletizing following the freezing line. The V16 freezer is available for both onboard and landbased factories. 

To further optimize your automatic freezing solution, add our reversible and moveable Conveyor System for automatic loading and a Non-Stick Cover Plates for friction free movement of the frozen blocks during unloading.

Less heavy lifting with automated plate freezing

Using the automatic V16 freezing system not only provides you with a fully automatic freezing solution suitable for a wide range of foods and seafood, but you will also optimize your work environment by removing the need for manual handling of the blocks. Employees will not be required to perform any manual heavy lifting.

Carsoe offers a diverse range of efficient and high-capacity automatic freezing solutions. In addition to the V16 vertical freezing solution, we also design a high-capacity Automatic Horizontal Plate Freezer, customized to meet your specifications and needs.

Why choose an automatic freezing solution?

An automatic freezing solution is both economically beneficial, space-saving, and offers numerous advantages. You will increase your capacity and avoid a “bottleneck effect” in your production. But most importantly, there is no heavy lifting or handling of the frozen blocks for employees.

  • No heavy manual lifting or handling
  • Integrated automatic unloading system
  • Space saving
  • Easy and gentle handling of the frozen blocks
  • Hygienic system – no human touching of the blocks

A complete factory deck for


Leinebris is a Norwegian family-owned company that owns and operates the world´s most modern longliner.
The V16 Freezing solution is an indispensable component of a longliner factory for freezing headed and gutted fish. This high-capacity freezer is designed for efficient space optimization, and the automatic bottom unloading minimizes manual labor while enhancing production flow.

With the V16 freezers onboard, the catch is quickly and efficiently processed while maintaining high quality and gentle handling. The V16 freezing system ensures that employees avoid manual heavy lifting due to a completely automated solution.

Read more about our collaboration with Leinebris here


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Hugo Dissing - CEO - Carsoe

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