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increased productivity


The demand for increased productivity and the reduction of manual handling in modern seafood and food processing systems has never been bigger. Our Automatic Horizontal Plate Freezer is built to accommodate those requirements.

  • Automatic running – Higher production rates
  • Client personalization – Will fit in your specific system
  • Stainless-steel execution – Long life

Onboard autofreezer on fishing vessel

See the autofreezer in action onboard a factory trawler.

The efficient and automated plate freezing solution can be used in both landbased and onboard processing facilities.

Automated processes

Advantages of Automatic Plate Freezing


Long life freezer

The freezer is built with a complete frame and cylinder in stainless steel. This allows the freezer to withstand harsh environments and ensures a long lifespan for your freezing solution.

Ideal for onboard processing of fish and for land factories looking for a high-capacity freezing solution.


Optimized productivity

The automatic plate freezer means no manual handling of the fresh or frozen blocks. The infeed and outfeed of the freezer is handled automatically and designed with the highest possible capacity and easy maintenance in mind.

Your production becomes more stringent, more effective and requires no human interaction during production.


Custom flow design

Each freezer can be modified for specific tray sizes to ensure the ideal utilization of the footprint. Carsoe applies a wide understanding of processing equipment and interlining product flow.

By using this approach all automatic horizontal plate freezers are designed for a specific capacity and flow, which will be modelled together with the client. 

High capacity

Tailormade processing system

To ensure the highest capacity possible and correctly scaled processing, Carsoe can design tailormade systems in combination with the automatic horizontal plate freezer.

Depending on the product, this can consist of packing lines, sorting systems, grading, palletizing and buffer hotels. 

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Director - Carsoe UK

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