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increased productivity


The demand for increased productivity and the reduction of manual handling in modern seafood and food processing systems has never been bigger. Our Automatic Horizontal Plate Freezer is built to accommodate those requirements.

  • Automatic running – Higher production rates
  • Client personalization – Will fit in your specific system
  • Stainless-steel execution – Long life

Onboard autofreezer on fishing vessel

See the autofreezer in action onboard a factory trawler.

The efficient and automated plate freezing solution can be used in both landbased and onboard processing facilities.

Automated processes

Advantages of Automatic Plate Freezing


Long life freezer

The freezer is built with a complete frame and cylinder in stainless steel. This allows the freezer to withstand harsh environments and ensures a long lifespan for your freezing solution.

Ideal for onboard processing of fish and for land factories looking for a high-capacity freezing solution.


Optimized productivity

The automatic plate freezer means no manual handling of the fresh or frozen blocks. The infeed and outfeed of the freezer is handled automatically and designed with the highest possible capacity and easy maintenance in mind.

Your production becomes more stringent, more effective and requires no human interaction during production.


Custom flow design

Each freezer can be modified for specific tray sizes to ensure the ideal utilization of the footprint. Carsoe applies a wide understanding of processing equipment and interlining product flow.

By using this approach all automatic horizontal plate freezers are designed for a specific capacity and flow, which will be modelled together with the client. 

High capacity

Tailormade processing system

To ensure the highest capacity possible and correctly scaled processing, Carsoe can design tailormade systems in combination with the automatic horizontal plate freezer.

Depending on the product, this can consist of packing lines, sorting systems, grading, palletizing and buffer hotels. 

What is an automatic plate freezer?

An automatic plate freezer is an integral piece of equipment designed to rapidly freeze food and seafood products between plates, ensuring the preservation of their nutritional value and freshness. 

An automatic plate freezer solution provides a streamlined and effective solution for large-scale freezing requirements. The introduction of the automatic plate freezer has revolutionized the food processing industry by providing streamlined operations and minimizing manual handling, thereby enhancing productivity. 

Within the broader category of seafood processing freezers, the automatic plate freezer is distinguished by its reliability and effectiveness in maintaining food and seafood products in peak condition, ensuring consumers enjoy the finest offerings.

How does an automatic plate freezer work?

An automatic plate freezer operates with a meticulously designed mechanism that features aluminium seawater-resistant plates and a stainless steel construction. These plates, maintained at a uniformly low temperature, ensure quick and even freezing when food products are placed between them.

Direct dual contact with the cold surfaces ensures a swift transition to a frozen state, preventing large ice crystal formation, and guarding against discoloration, enzymatic browning and cellular breakdown in seafood products. 

Compared to traditional air blast freezing, which relies on cold air circulation to freeze products, plate freezing technology is notably more efficient, cutting down freezing time and conserving energy. This translates to significant cost-efficiency for businesses, primarily due to its reduced energy consumption. The automatic plate freezer enhances operational efficiency by reducing the need for hands-on intervention and ensuring consistent freezing parameters.

How has automatic plate freezing technology influenced food quality and shelf-life?

Central to the efficacy of automatic plate freezing technology is its ability to prevent the growth of large ice crystals, a common issue in slower freezing methods. For instance, when food products like seafood undergo slow freezing, larger ice crystals form, piercing cellular walls and leading to the release of cellular fluids upon thawing. 

However, with the rapid freezing rates of plate technology, ice crystal formation is minuscule, ensuring the seafood's cellular structure remains largely undisturbed. This means that when the seafood is eventually thawed, there's minimal moisture loss, preserving its original texture and taste. 

The swiftness of automatic plate freezing technology also significantly reduces microbial activity, thus delaying spoilage and extending the food product's shelf-life. As a result, food processors with an automatic plate freezer can consistently offer products that retain their original freshness, even after extended storage periods.


Why is automatic plate freezing technology preferred in the seafood industry?

Automatic plate freezing technology is favored in the seafood industry because it ensures rapid and uniform freezing, preserving the product's freshness, texture, and taste. Faster freezing minimizes the formation of large ice crystals, which can damage the cellular structure of food products.

What types of food and seafood products are best suited for automatic plate freezing?

Plate freezers are best suited for flat or evenly shaped items like fish fillets, shrimp, and shellfish. 

Is automatic plate freezing technology suitable for large-scale food processing?

Yes, automatic plate freezers are available in various sizes and capacities, making them suitable for both small and large-scale seafood processing operations.

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