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Accurate and gentle handing

Land-based warm water shrimp processing

At Carsoe, we know the shrimp business in every little detail as a result of our year-long experience delivering processing lines for land-based warm water shrimp.

We have put our in-depth knowledge about the shrimp industry into designing world-leading equipment, that ensures a precise grading and gentle handling of the shrimp during the processes of sorting, cooking, freezing, and packing.

Warm water shrimp processing

Complete factory lines for land-based warm water shrimp

The global warm water shrimp production is increasing, which generates greater demands for high-quality processing lines.

Carsoe supplies complete land-based processing lines for farmed warm-water shrimp, and we deliver worldwide.

Also, we offer standalone machines that are easily integrated into existing warm water processing lines. 

Warm water shrimp


At Carsoe, we have year-long experience with warm water shrimp processing lines. Our solutions are based on indepth industry knowledge and insights into the shrimp business. Our experienced team of warm water shrimp experts are ready to assist you with your next factory line.

Niels Kronborg Nielsen

Niels Kronborg Nielsen

Senior Sales Manager

+45 40 89 46 35
Rasmus Kronborg Nielsen

Rasmus Kronborg Nielsen

Business Manager

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Optimizing warm water shrimp processing through advanced solutions

Our machines are designed with both precision and adaptability in mind, ensuring an efficient warm water shrimp processing from start to finish. Take, for example, our KM 1130 Shrimp Grading Machine, fine-tuned for precise sorting of warm water shrimps. Complementing this, the KM 340-3 Automatic Shrimp Cooker guarantees uniform cooking or blanching, setting the standard for quality and consistency. Transitioning to the freezing phase, our IQF Tunnel Freezer combines gentleness with efficiency for optimal results.

It is also crafted to seamlessly integrate with automatic warm water shrimp processing lines. The integration of automated processing lines introduces numerous benefits: from increased production rates and enhanced product quality to a reduction in manual labor and operational costs, setting businesses on a trajectory toward sustainable growth and profitability.

Reducing environmental impact

By choosing our solutions from precise warm water shrimp sorting to effective freezing, companies can optimize their operations.

This not only translates to environmental benefits but also leads to cost savings and time efficiencies when it comes to warm water shrimp processing. Moreover, we prioritize safety and cleanliness in all our designs. Every machine we produce meets the highest cleaning and hygiene standards, ensuring both product quality and workplace safety.

Expertise, innovation, and strong customer support

In the complex world of the industry, we've built our reputation on excellent expertise, fresh thinking, and a close partnership with our customers. Our experienced team uses their deep knowledge of the market combined with an innovative mindset to design warm water shrimp processing lines that fit perfectly with what your business needs.

While we're recognized for our advanced warm water shrimp processing lines, our land based processing expertise doesn't end there. Our team is equally adept at crafting solutions for salmon processing, applying the same level of innovation and deep market knowledge to meet the specific needs of businesses operating in this sector.

But our job doesn't stop once the product is delivered. We're there for you from start to finish, making sure you get the best results possible. Plus, our after-sales support is a clear sign of our dedication to your success. With a blend of know-how and a vision for the future, we're here as a trusted partner for all your warm water shrimp processing needs.


What is warm water shrimp processing?

Warm water shrimp processing refers to the methods and procedures used to prepare and process shrimp that are harvested from warm water environments, as opposed to cold water shrimp. They are primarily sourced from the warm waters of Asia and Latin America and are frequently used in global culinary dishes.

How are shrimp processed?

Shrimp are processed through a series of steps that may include sorting, deheading, peeling, deveining, washing, and freezing or packaging. This ensures they are clean, safe to consume, and ready for culinary use or further processing.

What is an IQF shrimp?

IQF shrimp refers to "Individually Quick Frozen" shrimp. This method involves freezing each shrimp separately, rather than in a block, ensuring better texture, freshness, and convenience, and can be easily repackaged in consumer packaging ready for wholesale.

What are the key benefits of Carsoe's shrimp processing solutions?

The equipment ensures precise grading, gentle handling, increased production rates, and reduced manual labor.

Can Carsoe's solutions handle different sizes of shrimp?

Yes, our equipment is designed to handle various sizes, focusing on efficiency and quality.

Are Carsoe's shrimp processing solutions environmentally friendly?

Yes, they focus on minimal environmental impact, safety, and cleanliness standards.