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Rebuilds, spare parts and maintenance

After Sales Service

With many years of experience, the Carsoe After Sales department is your partner in keeping your processing equipment up and running.

We offer knowledge, expertise, and state-of-art equipment. We provide service and support throughout the machine’s entire lifetime, enabling you to focus on your core business.


At your disposal

A highly skilled team

A daily contact with our customers has contributed to build up a unique knowledge of various production systems and processes. Our team of highly skilled service technicians can solve any problem you may experience. 

We always aim to meet your demands and requirements in the best and most effective way, and we are at your disposal 24/7.


Quotas change - production demands change.

This means that your requirements for equipment also changes during the lifetime of your machinery. Altering your existing equipment is a cost-effective way to adjust your processing facilities.

We offer:

  • Detailed plan and cost-benefit analysis
  • Comprehensive rebuilding and refurbishment
  • Experienced counselling from After Sales Rebuild team

We collaborate with you to determine the level of refurbishment to meet the demands of your production schedule and applications.


Regular maintenance is an integral part of keeping your systems running efficiently and with the optimal performance.

Our planned maintenance agreement will benefit your machinery both short and long-term. Continuous maintenance prevents unnecessary and unplanned downtime.

With a maintenance agreement, you will:

  • Reduce downtime
  • Optimize maintenance actions
  • Ensure high productivity

All required maintenance and repair work are documented in a Maintenance and Repair Report to clearly track and manage the performed jobs.



Having the right spare parts for maintenance and service of your machinery is essential. Spare Parts is one of our key areas and we pride ourselves in handling inquiries promptly to maximize your uptime rates.

Various spare part packages to meet your needs:

  • Standard recommended spare parts package
  • Individual spare parts
  • Customized spare parts package

Our large stock allows us to ship most spare parts within 24 hours. Contact us to learn more about our Spare parts options.

24/7 Hotline service

Our customer's production and processing facilities run 24/7, and so do we.

We are always ready to assist and handle your requirements in an efficient way - and we are at your disposal around the clock. 

Our experienced team of service technicians are ready to help you. They can solve any problem you may experience. With a professional industry and application know-how, we ensure your system stays up and running.

Our hotline team will provide you with a dedicated and professional team of people that know our products and a remote access to the electrical systems of your machinery. They will assist you in troubleshooting and diagnostic of your problem. 

Set up your After Sales agreement or learn more about our Hotline service

Contact After Sales

Michael Jensen Carsoe

Michael Jensen

Spare parts

+ 45 30 85 64 32
Frank Brix Nielsen - Carsoe

Frank Brix Nielsen

Spare Parts Seafood

+45 29 37 52 57
Henrik Boelt Vestergaard

Henrik Boelt Vestergaard

Service and Spare parts

+45 53 38 64 37
Keld Eriksen - Spare parts - Carsoe

Keld Eriksen

Service and Spare parts

+45 51 96 47 96
Jeanette S. Thomsen

Jeanette Thomsen

Spare parts

+45 51 59 85 64
Michael Hansen

Michael Hansen

Spare parts

+45 22 12 44 15
Nina Luzietti Web 2

Nina Luzietti

After Sales - Carsoe US

+1 206 432 5918
Jonas Bjørn Wilkenskjeld Olsen

Jonas Bjørn Wilkenskjeld Olsen

Warranty manager

+45 21 33 64 68
Pernille Pallesen - Carsoe

Pernille Pallesen

After Sales

+45 9824 2624
Anders Kirkebak Poulsen - Carsoe

Anders Kirkebak Poulsen

After Sales Manager

+45 61 22 76 24
Johan Til Web

Johan Schwerin

Group After Sales Director

+45 51 46 01 65