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Rebuilds, spare parts and maintenance


In the demanding world of seafood processing, maintaining optimal performance while ensuring continuous operation is key to ensuring a profitable business.

At Carsoe, we address this head-on. Our service engineers go beyond routine maintenance – they have an insider's understanding of your equipment, due to their direct involvement in its production and installation.

This unique knowledge allows our team to deliver precise, efficient solutions, enabling uninterrupted and optimal performance every day.

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Focused Support for Uninterrupted Operations

We know every detail of your equipment and the challenges you face. Our commitment to maintaining your operations running efficiently, increasing your output, and extending the lifespan of your equipment makes us more than a service provider - we're your partner in success.

  • In-Depth Knowledge: Understanding how critical it is to maintain performance, our engineers offer firsthand experience in building and installing your equipment, which translates to quicker diagnostics, efficient problem-solving, and maintenance tailored to your unique needs.
  • Rapid, Reliable Response: We know that every minute counts in your operations. That's why we promise swift and reliable assistance to resolve issues quickly, supported by strategic spare part availability. This minimizes downtime and keeps your operations running.
  • Proactive Partnership: More than just a service crew, Carsoe strives to be your trusted partner. Our team gives your crew training and insights for proactive equipment upkeep, maximizing uptime, and extending the lifespan of your equipment. With our understanding of your equipment, we're able to offer robust rebuild solutions when necessary, ensuring your plant's reliability and efficiency.



Quotas change - production demands change and evolve over time.

This means that your requirements for equipment also changes during the lifetime of your machinery. Altering your existing equipment is a cost-effective way to adjust your processing facilities.

We offer:

  • Detailed plan and cost-benefit analysis
  • Comprehensive rebuilding and refurbishment
  • Experienced counselling from After Sales Rebuild team

We collaborate with you to determine the level of refurbishment to meet the demands of your production schedule and applications.

Contact us for a discussion of your needs and possible solutions. 



Regular maintenance is a vital part of avoiding downtime and keeping your systems running efficiently.

Our service agreement will benefit your machinery both short and long-term. Continuous maintenance prevents unnecessary and unplanned downtime, increases output and extends the lifespan of your equipment.

A 24/7 hotline support agreement allows our team to perform real-time remote data read of your production line sensors, allowing reliable diagnostics and the right solution to be initiated.

With a service agreement, you will:

  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve return on investment on your equipment
  • Ensure high productivity
  • Extend the lifespan of your equipment



Reliable access to the right spare parts is crucial for the efficient maintenance of your machinery. Carsoe excels in providing genuine spare parts, ensuring the highest quality and compatibility with your equipment. 

Our extensive stock and highly flexible shipping options mean most spare parts can be shipped within 24 hours. We can ensure delivery to your next port of call, so you have spare parts available when and where you plan operational breaks.

Various spare part packages to meet your needs:

  • Standard recommended spare parts package
  • Individual spare parts
  • Tailored spare parts packages

24/7 hotline service

Support Agreement

Our customer's production and processing facilities run 24/7, and so do we.

Sign up for a 24/7 support agreement and get access to our hotline team around the clock.

With a remote access to relevant sensors in your system, we are ready to assist and handle your requirements in an efficient way - and we are at your disposal whenever you need us. 

Our experienced team of service technicians can solve any problem you may experience. With a professional industry and application know-how, we ensure your system stays up and running.

Our hotline team will provide you with a dedicated and professional team of people that know our products and a remote access to the electrical systems of your machinery. They will assist you in troubleshooting and diagnostic of your problem. 

Set up your After Sales agreement or learn more about our Hotline service

Your After Sales Team

Anders Kirkebak Poulsen - Carsoe

Anders Kirkebak Poulsen

Head of Sales, After Sales

+45 61 22 76 24
Michael Jensen Carsoe

Michael Jensen

After Sales, Sales Engineer

+ 45 30 85 64 32
Silhouette Carsoe mand

Torben Kjergaard Madsen

Electrical Project Manager, After Sales

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Michael Hansen

Michael Hansen

Team Lead, Spareparts

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Pernille Pallesen - Carsoe

Pernille Pallesen

Service Coordinator

+45 9824 2624
Frank Brix Nielsen - Carsoe

Frank Brix Nielsen

Spare Part Coordinator

+45 29 37 52 57
Henrik Boelt Vestergaard

Henrik Boelt Vestergaard

Spare Part Coordinator

+45 53 38 64 37
Keld Eriksen - Spare parts - Carsoe

Keld Eriksen

Spare Part Coordinator

+45 51 96 47 96
Henning Andreasen - Carsoe

Henning Andreasen

Spare Part Coordinator

+45 23 49 50 41
Eirik Sejnæs - Holmek Automation

Eirik Sejnæs

Spare Part Coordinator - Holmek Automation

+47 944 70 949
Jonas Bjørn Wilkenskjeld Olsen

Jonas Bjørn Wilkenskjeld Olsen

Warranty & Support manager

+45 21 33 64 68
Johan Til Web

Johan Schwerin

Group After Sales Director

+45 51 46 01 65