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onboard factory

Crab processing line


With limited space on-board, our primary goal is to make the most of very compact arrangements. Therefore, our plant designs aim at facilitating cleaning and a high degree of automation for a less labour-intensive production.

Our various equipment in stainless steel are displayed below and in this factory layout. You can always contact us directly for a more in-depth dialogue concerning the optimal design for your fishing vessel.


High capacity factory

Crab slaughter system

Our processing line for crabs is complete - from slaughter stations, cleaning, grading, cooking, and bleeding tanks. But it does not end here. Carsoe's extensive product portfolio also includes blast freezers and effective packing as well as palletizing.

We deliver turn-key solutions for efficient onboard crab processing. 

Customized crab processing solutions for every scale

At Carsoe, we pride ourselves on our ability to create tailored crab processing solutions for a variety of vessel sizes and processing needs. Our approach goes beyond just meeting current demands; it's a carefully designed strategy aimed at preparing our clients for future challenges and opportunities.

Our expertise in constructing versatile crab processing lines ensures that every client gets a setup that's just right for them. Whether it's a compact crab processing line for smaller boats or a comprehensive system for a full-scale crab processing factory, we've got a solution.

Our flexibility is key, especially for clients who may need to scale up or adjust their processing capabilities over time. We are committed to meeting the unique demands of the crab processing industry with innovative, customer-centric solutions.

3 Key Features

Safe Cooking Process

Innovative cooking improves onboard working environment by reducing the steam from crab cooking.

Sorting and palletizing

Get clean pallets and store them safely with integrated hotels and palletizing. We design, build and deliver the complete package.

Elevators for easy handling

Easily transport your catch to the cargo hold with a minimum of manual handling and ensure effective offloading with onboard elevators.

Products for crab processing

Browse through the various products part of our crab processing line. 

A combination of these machines will help you achieve the most optimal and efficient crab processing, both on board and on land. 

carsoe smartline reporting

Simple and effective

Onboard labelling and reporting

Have your catch packed, labelled and ready for sales when you reach port with correct labelling. 

Sivulliq Carsoe

Knowledge and expertise

After Sales and service

Quotas change. Production demands change. With a dedicated AfterSales department, we are ready to handle your rebuilds and expansions.

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Bjørn Ståle Bjørkavåg

Sales Manager

+47 97 57 58 20

Leif Andersen

Senior Sales Manager

+45 40 13 81 82

Factory supplier for Frøyanes

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Maximizing productivity and efficiency in crab processing

Helping our clients to achieve top-tier efficiency is our main goal. We provide energy-efficient crab processing equipment that is specifically engineered to lower labor requirements and operational costs.

Key to this efficiency is our machinery's advanced automation, streamlining workflows and accelerating processing times. Our equipment is also designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, which further reduces downtime and enhances operational smoothness.

Every aspect of our crab processing equipment is fine-tuned to maximize productivity and minimize waste, reflecting our commitment to efficient and responsible crab processing. By integrating advanced technologies into our crab processing plant designs, we ensure that our clients stay ahead in the competitive crab processing market.

High-level precision for superior quality crab products

Designed for precision in every step of the process, our advanced crab processing equipment ensures that the final product consistently excels in quality, texture, and flavor. Our sophisticated sorting and grading systems are key for quality control, allowing for accurate sorting of crab products by size and weight.

We use accurate temperature control and gentle handling techniques, so every part of our equipment upholds the best standards of product quality.

With Carsoe's modern crab processing machines, you can be confident that your crab products will reliably meet high market standards, boosting your brand's reputation in the seafood industry.

Operational support for your crab processing factory

In the dynamic field of seafood processing, both onboard and on land, operational excellence is crucial. We understand this need and offer comprehensive support services to ensure optimal performance in your crab processing factory. 

Our team, composed of skilled and experienced professionals, possesses a comprehensive understanding of crab processing. They provide direct assistance and practical guidance to ensure that your crab processing factory effectively manages every aspect of the process. 

This includes tasks such as optimizing the performance of the crab processing plant for maximum throughput and conducting thorough maintenance on sophisticated equipment to prevent breakdowns and ensure continuous operation.

We believe that effective support is key to maintaining a smooth and efficient processing environment, which is why our approach is proactive and focused on the long-term success of your crab processing operations. With Carsoe, you're not just getting advanced crab processing equipment; you're gaining a dedicated partner of your crab processing factory.

How does automation enhance the crab processing line?

Automated systems can handle repetitive tasks quickly and accurately, leading to faster processing times and a higher volume of output. Additionally, automation minimizes human error and enhances safety in the processing environment.

What are the key features to look for in crab processing equipment?

The key features to look for in crab processing equipment are durability, efficiency, precision, customizability, ease of maintenance, safety, advanced features.

Can the crab processing line be customized to specific factory needs?

Yes, the crab processing line can be customized to specific factory needs, including modifications in layout, capacity, and equipment types to align with individual processing requirements and space constraints.