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Carsoe and DSI Dantech have entered into an agreement for the sale of Carsoe's plate freezer business to DSI Dantech

Carsoe and DSI Dantech have entered into an agreement for the sale of Carsoe's plate freezer business, Freezertech Ltd., based in England, as of December 31st, 2023. Freezertech specializes in producing and selling manual plate freezing solutions for the land-based food industry. 

Carsoe is a global leader in manufacturing equipment and complete plants for seafood processing onboard fishing vessels. With this divestment, Carsoe aims to strengthen its focus on providing complete processing solutions for processing plants on fishing vessels.

DSI Dantech is a market leader in freezing technology for the global food industry and, through the acquisition, aims to enhance its product portfolio as well as establish a local business unit in the United Kingdom. The purchase of Freezertech aligns with DSI Dantech’s goal of establishing a robust local presence in key markets. 

Automated freezing solutions remain core technology for Carsoe

With the sale of Freezertech, Carsoe is refocusing its energy on the company’s core business, which is to develop, manufacture, distribute, and service equipment and complete processing systems for handling, processing, freezing, and packaging seafood onboard fishing vessels. 

CEO Hugo Dissing stated, ‘We are globally recognized as leaders in processing equipment for seafood onboard. The sale of Freezertech reflects our strategic decision to concentrate on our core competencies.’

‘Automated freezing solutions remain a key technology in our plants as they ensure a high-quality product with high energy efficiency and a better working environment for the staff on board. We will continue to develop and manufacture all automated freezing technology at Carsoe as we have done so far. We have a strong team of engineers who work closely with our customers to develop and refine our solutions.’ 

DSI Dantech strengthens its plate freezer business through acquisition

As a supplier of freezer products and integrated freezing solutions for the food industry, DSI Dantech has strengthened its position in the plate freezer segment with the acquisition of Freezertech. The acquisition not only expands the product portfolio but also enhances DSI Dantech’s presence in the critical British market. 

CEO Søren Overgaard adds, ‘DSI Dantech has substantial expertise in freezing solutions, including plate freezers, and we are the ideal owners for Freezertech, as we can provide the necessary attention and organizational support for developing freezing solutions for the land-based food industry. With the acquisition, there are opportunities for synergies between Freezertech and DSI Dantech that will enhance our competitiveness in the market and improve our level of service to our customers in the British market.’  

Kyle Bennett will continue unchanged as the Director of Freezertech Ltd. 

A strong partnership

The sale of Freezertech also signifies a closer collaboration between DSI Dantech and Carsoe. The companies already have a strong partnership regarding onboard freezing solutions, and this will be further expanded through this transaction. Both companies' leadership anticipates that the sale will further strengthen their cooperation through the development of new joint solutions. 

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