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We design and produce stainless steel solutions for the seafood and food processing industry


Our success is based on our DNA. We are a partner to our customers and bring our knowledge and experience into creating the best solution for each project.

We are proud to be part of a world leading company and we work hard every day to prove ourselves through high quality solutions. We are founded in the Danish tradition of craftsmanship and our equipment is handcrafted according to our strict Danish quality standard.


High Quality Solutions

At Carsoe, we are in full control of the entire process from product development through manufacturing, distribution, and after-sales service. We manufacture high-end processing solutions for satisfied customers across the world.

We design and build our processing equipment inhouse with a wide range of specialized departments, including:

  • Construction & Engineering
  • Production: Smiths, Electricians and PLC programmers
  • Installation
  • After Sales
  • Sales

Join our team

Open positions at Carsoe

We are always looking for new talented colleagues

Values of Carsoe

We work hard every day to deliver excellent solutions for our customers.

  • We understand our Customers – both internal and external ones
  • We are Proud of our work and Act as a Winning team
  • We think “Business” in all decisions – every day

Leadership Values

All managers are expected to follow the Carsoe Leadership Principles:

  • You are a team player across departments
  • You drive high performance in your team
  • You develop and care for your employees

Carsoe Group


Contact us and learn more about our products.


Contact us and learn more about our products and turnkey solutions.