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Shaped by the sea, we help fishermen around the world make the most of their catch every single day

More than a supplier

Your trusted seafood processing partner

Life and work at sea is rough. It’s not for everybody. As a leading global expert in seafood processing systems, we know that more than most.

We know that space on-board is limited. That cleaning must be easy. That time is of the essence, when attempting to preserve the quality and freshness of the catch. And above all, we know how important it is to have equipment that works.

That is why we exist. To help fisherman across the world to make the most of their catch, every single time.

Your processing partner

When you want smooth production from one end to the other

At Carsoe, we work out the entire process from design to product development. From production to after sales service and we take pride in finishing strong and delivering the very best support and know-how, no matter the challenge.

Each team member acts with one goal in mind; the results we create for our customers. We care about every detail, whether it is through turnkey solutions or stand-alone machines and whether the seafood processing is onboard or onshore.

We design and build our processing equipment inhouse with a wide range of specialized departments, including:

  • Construction & Engineering
  • Production: Smiths, Electricians and PLC programmers
  • Installation
  • After Sales
  • Sales

Join our team

When you want to go to the next level

Check out our open positions as Carsoe. We are always looking for new talented colleagues

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Contact us and learn more about our products.


Contact us and learn more about our products and turnkey solutions.