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Reliable and cost-effective


Carsoe is a world leading manufacturer of stainless-steel solutions for the seafood and food processing industry.

Our vertical plate freezers are built to deliver high product quality at the lowest possible cost. The plate freezers have large capacity, good ergonomics, and a cleaning friendly design, all contributing to ensure an even more efficient process. A highly skilled after sales team is always at your disposal ready to solve any challenge you may face.

Therefore, we are certain that we will find the perfect processing solution for you.

What is a vertical plate freezer?

A vertical plate freezer is designed to freeze big quantities of food products quickly. This rapid freezing technique ensures a long-lasting high quality of the food. 

The freezer contains several vertical plates with empty space in between. Fill the empty spaces with the food products you wish to freeze. The plates are cooled down to a low temperature which enable them to freeze bulks of food. The food products will be frozen into blocks that are easy to handle afterwards.

By using a plate freezer, you will freeze various types of foods way faster than traditional air blast freezers without increasing the use of energy and handling costs. In many industries such as the seafood processing industry, a fast-freezing plant is completely indispensable.


Advantages of vertical plate freezing

There are several advantages by implementing a high-quality vertical plate freezer within your food processing line.
Some of the advantages of the freezing solution are no unnecessary packaging, rapid freezing, and excellent maintenance of product quality.



No packaging

Products are loaded directly into the pockets between the plates, without the use of trays or bags, and are thereafter frozen. This also reduces freezing time and eliminates packaging damages.


Rapid freezing

The vertical plate freezer enables rapid freezing of raw food products through its direct contact method of freezing. The method offers a significant energy saving and reduces freezing time compared with traditional air blast freezers.


Product quality

Vertical plate freezers are quite important in the raw frozen foods industry. The rapid dual-contact freezing action is essential to maintain the quality of the product and to avoid discoloration, enzymatic and cellular breakdown in the food products.


Another freezing plant option is our horizontal plate freezer, which enables you to tray freeze portioned food products.

Vertical Plate Freezing

Effective freezing and defrost

Our in-depth technical knowledge of refrigeration and valve stations allow us to offer a unique perspective when it comes to installing plate freezers. Take our customers' word for it:

“Our MSM Salmon products are freezing in 95 minutes, which is a lot shorter than our old freezers. Whitefish product is freezing in 65 minutes - 20 minutes less than predicted.

The new automatic defrost system is working perfectly, we are defrosting in under 2 minutes. The fish blocks are perfectly solid when released from the plates, no soft spots and we can immediately handle them without waiting.“

- Paul Garnett, BHJ UK Seafood

Options for Vertical Plate Freezers

Customize your vertical freezing solution

We offer several customization options which enable you to customize your vertical freezing solution to your needs. Such as extended lift cleaning, silicone covered hoses and splash guards.

Extended Lift Cleaning

Extended lift cleaning

As an optional extra, extended cylinder stroke can be supplied to enable the lifting arms to be brought out of the vertical plate freezer during cleaning cycles. This allows easy unobstructed access to the bottom of the arms.


Silicone Covered Hoses

Silicone covered hoses

This option is constructed of a PTFE hose and stainless-steel braid with a silicone cover directly molded into the braid. The benefits of the silicone covert hoses are:

  • Increased hygiene and cleaning ability.
  • Increased resistance to ice damaging the hoses.
  • Maintains flexibility and kink resistance even when covered in ice.
Splash Guards Stainless Construction

Splash guards

Multiple additional finishing options are available on all vertical plants, such as high visibility HDPE splash guards and stainless-steel construction.

All freezers come with a stainless-steel back guard, front beam, and side panels as standard.

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Interested in learning more about our freezing solutions?

You can easily get to know more about our various solutions by contacting us.

Our specialists are ready to advise you on the Carsoe plate freezing solutions and answer all your questions to help you find exactly what you need to optimize your food processing line.

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A world leading company within seafood and food processing

At Carsoe we strive every day to design the best stainless-steel solutions for our customers all over the world.

We manufacture high quality horizontal plate freezers and other food processing plants. The processing solutions are the result of years of experience and Danish craftsmanship.

Our processing plants and satisfied customers make us a world leading company within the seafood and food processing industry.

A highly skilled after sales team at your disposal

All Carsoe customers have access to our highly skilled team of service specialists.

Our after sales service team has a unique knowledge of Carsoe’s various production systems and processes. They can help you solve any problem you may experience while using our horizontal plate freezer.

Contact our specialised team any time whenever you need them. They are at your service 24/7.