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Reliable and cost-effective

Vertical Plate Freezers

Our Vertical Plate Freezers are built to deliver high product quality at the lowest possible cost. Large capacity, good ergonomics, and a cleaning friendly design, all contribute to this point.

  • Naked blocks - No packaging and rapid freezing
  • Double contact – Higher efficiency
  • Engineered for capacity – Higher yield per square meter used


Advantages of Vertical Plate Freezing


No packaging

Product is loaded directly into the pockets between the plates, without the use of tray or bags, and is hereafter frozen. This also reduces freezing time and eliminates packaging damages.


Rapid freezing

The Vertical Plate Freezer enables rapid freezing of raw food products through its direct contact method of freezing, which offers a significant energy saving and reduced freezing time over traditional air blast freezers. 


Product quality

Vertical Plate Freezers are of significant importance in the raw frozen foods industry. The rapid dual-contact freezing action is essential to avoid discoloration, enzymatic and cellular breakdown in the food products.

Vertical Plate Freezing

Rapid, direct freezing

Our Vertical plate freezers are designed to deliver the highest possible capacity, at the lowest possible temperature. This means

  • Higher product value
  • Increased production
  • Reduced energy cost
  • Reduced Ammonia leaks

The semi-automated loading and unloading systems allow a high product throughout for very low labour costs.

The vertical plate freezer is available in standard block thicknesses of 75 and 100mm, but models to suit any block thickness can be built, such as 50 and 65mm blocks.

Options for Vertical Plate Freezers

Customized Vertical Freezing solution

Extended Lift Cleaning

Extended Lift Cleaning

As an optional extra, extended cylinder stroke can be supplied to enable the lifting arms to be brought out of the freezer during cleaning cycles – allowing easy unobstructed access to the bottom of the arms.


Silicone Covered Hoses

Silicone Covered Hoses

Constructed of a PTFE hose + Stainless steel braid, with a Silicone cover directly molded into the braid.

  • Increased hygiene / cleaning ability
  • Increased resistance to ice buildup damaging the hoses
  • Maintains flexibility & kink resistance even when covered in ice.
Splash Guards Stainless Construction

Splash Guards

Multiple additional finishing options are available on all Vertical models, such as high visibility HDPE splash guards and stainless-steel construction.

All freezers come with a stainless-steel back guard, front beam & side panels as standard.

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Effective Freezing and defrost

Our indepth technical knowledge of refrigeration & valve stations allow us to offer a unique perspective when it comes to installing plate freezers. Take our customers' word for it:

Our MSM Salmon products are freezing in 95 minutes, which is a lot shorter than our old freezers. Whitefish product is freezing in 65 minutes - 20 minutes less than predicted

The new automatic defrost system is working perfectly, we are defrosting in under 2 minutes. The fish blocks are perfectly solid when released from the plates, no soft spots and we can immediately handle them without waiting

Paul Garnett – BHJ UK Seafood

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Sales Engineer - Freezing Solutions

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