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Onboard fish factory

Whitefish Filet Processing

A Carsoe whitefish processing line, specialised in filet processing and
handling, ensures gentle treatment and preservation of quality, with a
fast and gentle bleeding process of the fish - regardless your vessel type. We manufacture whitefish factories for both large freezing vessels and fresh fish vessels in all sizes. 

Within the whitefish processing industry, Carsoe can offer you stand-alone machines and complete tailormade systems, including a wide range of key whitefish processing equipment matching your specific requirements.

Freezing vessel

Onboard whitefish factories for freezing vessels

A Carsoe whitefish processing line ensures gentle treatment of the fish product and preservation of high quality, due to a fast and gentle bleeding process of the fish.

With the increasing size of freezing vessels, the need for sturdy, high-capacity onboard whitefish processing equipment has increased significantly as well as a higher degree of automation of the onboard fish factory. This places great demands on a supplier. At Carsoe, we have the needed hands-on experience to always deliver a troublefree whitefish processing line. But we can only succeed when cooperating with our customers, which is why we live for longterm relations.

Carsoe delivers complete whitefish factory including production lines, hotels, palletizing, and freezers from our own production. This gives you a coherent and optimal product flow from catch to freezing.

3 Key Features

Freezing solutions

As part of the complete processing line, we also include autofreezers to automate the processes onboard and increase your production rate.

Sorting and palletizing

Get clean pallets and store them safely with integrated hotels and palletizing. We design, build and deliver the complete package.

Elevators for easy handling

Easily transport your catch to the cargo hold with a minimum of manual handling and ensure effective offloading with onboard elevators.

See Onboard Fish Processing Factory in Action

Check out the video to see a complete filleting factory. From fresh catch to processed product when the vessel reaches port

  • Sorting
  • Processing
  • Freezing
  • Packaging
  • Palletizing
  • Elevators 


Whitefish processing system

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Fresh fish vessel

Whitefish processing equipment for fresh fish vessels

Carsoe is leading global provider of onboard whitefish factory lines for fresh fish vessels. Regardless the size of your fish line, we offer you solutions that ensure a streamlined fish processing flow. 

Our tailormade processing equipment for whitefish vessels, ensures an efficient and high capacity production onboard. We manufacture products for every process from the catch is onboard and until it is packed and stored. This includes machines for sorting, weighing, handling, packing, and freezing. 

You are always guaranteed a high quality solution from Carsoe. We have years of hands-on experience from being onboard ourselves and from manufacturing thousands of stainless seafood processing machines. We know your pains, and we are here to make your everyday life easier onboard. 

Tailormade seafood processing equipment

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Products for whitefish processing

Browse through our various whitefish equipment and contact us to learn more about how to design the perfect whitefish processing system for your vessel.


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