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Optimized onboard handling



We design and build custom solutions for elevators and palletizing, as well as other automation solutions. With industry leading onboard palletizer Holmek Automation as part of Carsoe Group, we are a strong and experienced partner in onboard handling and palletizing.

These products are an integral part of a seafood processing plant and allows for an optimized handling of your catch.

With our automated processing plant system, you can reduce manual handling of your products.


Effective and automated onboard handling

The requirements for increased productivity and a reduction of the manual handling of heavy lifting are getting increasingly stringent in modern food industry.

Providing an ergonomic working environment is a top priority today, and there is focus on eliminating the heavy working operations involved in loading products to pallets and to cargohold.

The palletizing and elevators automates processes onboard and save manpower required for handling across your factory:

  • Sorting of products
  • Transportation between decks
  • Automated lifting and handling of frozen blocks
  • Clean pallets when your reach shore
  • Easy offloading

Optimized production flow

3 key products for your processing plant


Automatic sorting

Continuously sort your catch directly onboard before it is automatically transported to palletizing.

No sorting of products in the cargo space or on land needed.


Safe storage

Our compact palletizer can wrap each layer individually to protect the products during high sea.

Keep your catch is safely stored.



Easy handling

Building elevators into your processing plant optimizes handling, space and offloading.

Easy transportation of your cargo between decks.

Onboard handling and sorting


Products for onboard sorting and handling


Browse through the various products for your optimized processing line.


Want to know more?

Contact us and let us work together to find the optimal solution for your vessel.

Carsoe Norway Helge Eiken CEO

Helge Eiken

CEO - Holmek Automation

+47 91 19 70 59
Hugo Dissing - CEO - Carsoe

Hugo Dissing

CEO - Carsoe Group

+45 24 69 56 60

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Seafood processing areas

The palletizing and elevator products are an integral part of our seafood processing lines onboard factory trawlers around the world. Learn more about our expertise with designing factories for the specific species below.