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Freezing units



Carsoe is the technology leader in plate freezers and automated plate freezing solutions. We offer stand-alone freezing units as well as complete customized solutions.

There is an ever-growing food processing industry and freezing plays a vital part in the conservation of the products. Freezing helps ensure that the product preserves texture, taste, and the nutritional value.


Fast and efficient

High Quality Freezers

Advanced, efficient, and fast freezing of the product help cut cost of the production of food for both human and animal consumption. Carsoe can utilize extensive knowledge from food processing and combine this with the high quality of our plate freezers to provide the best freezing solutions on the market.

Daily contact with our customers has contributed to build up a unique knowledge of our customers various production systems and various production processes. We handle your demands and requirements in the best and most effective way, and with our 24/7 After Sales department, we are at your disposal around the clock.

Freezing specialists

Extensive knowledge and expertise

We utilize the wide experience in seafood processing, working with complex systems, to a partnership ranging from engineering to installation. Additionally, specific product knowledge will be adapted to the freezing system, such as pressure applied to the product, defrosting time, freezing environment.

We are well-known for flexibility and punctuality in this context. Each client will have an optimized solution fitted to their needs with a reliable partner taking full responsibility.

Rasmus Jannick Bredahl Hansen Carsoe

Rasmus Bredahl Hansen

Sales Engineer - Freezing Solutions

+45 31 49 03 08
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Kyle Bennett

Director - Carsoe UK

+44 77 40 744 744


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