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Automated and effective

Shrimp processing line


A Carsoe shrimp processing system has a high degree of automation and is designed to withstand tough weather conditions and long-time use.

Our processing line for cold water shrimp is designed to ensure gentle treatment of the catch. It preserves the quality of the shrimp and ensures a high capacity production line, with reduced manual labour and increased productivity.

An experienced partner

Processing equipment for shrimp

Carsoe is your market leading partner from start to finish for your shrimp factory. We ensure that the processing capacity and finished product are strictly in accordance with your requirements.

A vessel is a big investment and we take pride in completing the project with a successful installation and test of your equipment followed up by training your employees in operating and maintaining the equipment. 

Our equipment


3 Key Features

Freezing solutions

As part of the complete shrimp processing line, we also include autofreezers to automate the processes onboard and increase your production rate.

Sorting and palletizing

Get clean pallets and store them safely with integrated hotels and palletizing. We design, build and deliver the complete package.

Elevators for easy handling

Easily transport your catch to the cargo hold with a minimum of manual handling and ensure effective offloading with onboard elevators.

Need advice for your shrimp processing factory?

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Jeppe Christensen Sales Manager Seafood Carsoe

Jeppe Christensen

Group Sales Director - Seafood Processing

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Leif Andersen

Senior Sales Manager

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René Hagelskær - Carsoe - Seafood Processing

René Hagelskær

Sales Manager

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Søren Hansen5

Søren Hansen

Area Sales Manager - Seafood processing

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Products for shrimp processing

Browse through the various products part of our shrimp processing line.

Combining our machines will allow you to design an efficient cold-water shrimp processing plant. This is where Carsoe's expertise and year-long knowledge comes in.

carsoe smartline reporting

Simple and effective

Onboard labelling and reporting

Have your catch packed, labelled and ready for sales when you reach port with correct labelling. 

Sivulliq Carsoe

Knowledge and expertise

After Sales and service

Quotas change. Production demands change. With a dedicated AfterSales department, we are ready to handle your rebuilds and expansions.