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Carsoe’s Flat Top Freezer is a modified and updated Vertical Plate Freezer designed for the highest reliability and the best access for the filling area. It is our strongest and most hygienic Vertical Plate Freezer option that ensures the best balance between hygiene and financial cost.

  • Flat top design – Ready for implementation in automatic solutions
  • Stainless-steel execution – Long life
  • Sturdy design – Fewer operator caused breakdowns

Flat top advantages

Maximum freezing capacity

As with any Vertical Plate Freezer, the product is poured into the freezer and is frozen.

The Flat Top Freezer is available in standard block thicknesses from 50 mm to 100 mm but can be customized. It features a unique design with a fixed divider allowing for the shortest possible load/discharge process. This minimizes idle time and maximizes freezing capacity.

Ready for automation

The freezer design allows “Automatic ready” options for overhead crane discharging. This can be utilized for a fully automatic system with the right plant design.


Hygienic solution

The construction of the freezer, which includes a stainless-steel frame with galvanized lifting arms & ejection frame, ensures that the product is never able to make direct contact with any other materials than our seawater resistant aluminum and the stainless steel.


Customized Flat Top freezer

VFT Hoses

Silicone Covered Hoses

Constructed of a PTFE hose + Stainless steel braid, with a clear Silicone cover directly moulded into the braid.

  • Increased hygiene / cleaning ability
  • Increased resistance to ice build up damaging the hoses
  • Maintains flexibility & kink resistance even when covered in ice
Flat Top Freezer Carsoe

Integral Pusher

An optional hydraulic pusher unit can be supplied, with 2 variations – either a “full push” to push onto a conveyor, or a “half push” for allowing operators easier access to the blocks for unloading in the case of freezers using block dividers.

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