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Carsoe is a fast-growing business and we know that our employees are our most valuable assets in achieving our common goals on the journey.

We value each member of our team and have a profound respect for each area of expertise. We are always very careful to find the best possible candidate for any job at any level.

We value our employees for their skills, backgrounds and personality they bring to the table. Our goal is to maintain a workplace we are proud to be a part of.

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The people of Carsoe




Palle Pedersen

“The elaborate designs for the onboard fish processing plants challenge me in a good way, and it allows me to pour all my professional pride and competences into delivering high quality products.

What I like about working at Carsoe is that there is a high level of trust and mutual respect. Even though our workday is busy, we always make time to help each other.”

Palle Pedersen Carsoe

Technical Designer Trainee

Maja Zimmermann

During her training, Maja gets to work with many different areas of the business to build her overall understanding of the processs.

“I enjoy the practical part of the training. It is exciting to get hands-on-experience. I feel better equipped to create the technical designs, when I have a better knowledge of production process.”

Maja Zimmerman Carsoe

Installations Manager

Peter Nielsen

Besides managing our installations team and handling the manning on site, Peter also takes active part in the commissioning of the vessels.

“I really like being on site in Spain, South Korea, Turkey or somewhere else. It adds an extra dimension to the job, and I enjoy working with people from different companies and cultures.”

Peternielsen Carsoe (2)

Values of Carsoe

We work hard every day to deliver excellent solutions for our customers.

  • We understand our Customers – both internal and external ones
  • We are Proud of our work and Act as a Winning team
  • We think “Business” in all decisions – every day

Leadership Values

All managers are expected to follow the Carsoe Leadership Principles:

  • You are a team player across departments
  • You drive high performance in your team
  • You develop and care for your employees

Carsoe Group


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Contact us and learn more about our products and turnkey solutions.