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Onboard fish factory

Onboard Factory for Longliner

Onboard factory for longliners with gentle processing to maintain a high-quality catch.

Utilize the space onboard your longliner with a compact factory layout  focused on processing your catch gently and quickly.

Reliable processing equipment is essential for both the owner and the crew onboard to ensure an efficient production with a high capacity.

Automated and efficient processing on a Longliner Factory

The onboard factory on a longliner often includes a complete filleting line with automatic plate freezing as well as an automated line for cleaning, sorting and freezing of whole round fish, frozen in blocks and ready for wholesale.

When designing a factory for a longliner, it is a priority to ensure:

  • Gentle and rapid processing
  • Reduced manual labor
  • A high degree of automation

As a market leader in onboard seafood processing,Carsoe delivers a  complete factory including production lines, hotels, palletizing, and freezers from our own production. This gives you a coherent product flow from catch to freezing.

3 Key Features

Freezing solutions

As part of the complete processing line, we also include autofreezers to automate the processes onboard and increase your production rate.

Sorting and palletizing

Get clean pallets and store them safely with integrated hotels and palletizing. We design, build and deliver the complete package.

Elevators for easy handling

Easily transport your catch to the cargo hold with a minimum of manual handling and ensure effective offloading with onboard elevators.

Products for whitefish processing

Browse through our various whitefish equipment and contact us to learn more about how to design the perfect whitefish processing system for your vessel.


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