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Carsoe’s horizontal plate freezers are world renowned for their strong, long lasting construction, with an ergonomic and hygienic design. 

The horizontal freezers are designed to preserve high product quality at the lowest possible cost. The horizontal plate freezer comes in a wide range of plate openings to accommodate various tray sizes. 

A specialised after sales team will be ready to help you and solve any challenge you may experience after your purchase of your new freezing plant.

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High Quality

Why use a horizontal plate freezer?

A horizontal plate freezer is designed for freezing blocks of food and portioned food products quickly.

The plate freezer consists of several horizontal freezing plates with empty space in between. The products you wish to freeze will be placed in special freezing trays. Afterwards the freezing trays are placed on each freezing plate to be frozen. The frozen blocks and portions of food will be easy to stack and store after the freezing process.

The quality of the frozen food products will be preserved perfectly when implementing a horizontal plate freezer within your processing line. In various food industries such as the seafood processing industry, a quick-freezing machine is completely indispensable.

Optimize production

Advantages of horizontal plate freezing

There are several advantages of using a horizontal plate freezer as part of your food processing line.

In the following we have listed some of the most important advantages of this freezing solution such as rapid freezing of food products, high performance, and a durable design.



Rapid freezing

The horizontal plate freezer enables rapid freezing of food products through its direct double contact method of freezing. The method saves a significant amount of energy and reduces freezing time compared to traditional air blast freezers.


High performance

Horizontal plate freezers are significant in the fishing industry, where floor space is at a premium. The rapid dual contact freezing action is essential to avoid discoloration, enzymatic and cellular breakdown in the food products.


Durable design

With a complete frame and cylinder in stainless steel, the plate freezers are designed for a long life in harsh environments. The design allows easy cleaning of the entire machinery.

An alternative plate freezing solution is our vertical plate freezer which freezes food products into vertical blocks without unnecessary packaging. 

Satisfied customer

Fast and efficient freezing

The Carsoe Plate Freezers are faster and more efficient than our competitors. In depth knowledge of all aspects of refrigeration allow us to carefully calculate every part of the plate freezer to ensure the best possible freezing times.

Take our customer's word for it:

“We have our old CO2 horizontal platefreezers and the MSM product in the platefreezers is at -18°C in about 75 minutes.

In our new horizontal platefreezers the MSM product in the platefreezers is at -18°C in about 60 minutes.

- Björn Wensing, Trinity Meat GmbH


Options for horizontal plate freezers

Customize your freezing solution

It is always possible for you to customize your Carsoe freezing solution.

We offer several options for you to choose from such as cabinets with curtains or doors, high pressure execution, marine locks, and electric control.

HPF Cabinet Curtains

Cabinet with curtains

An 80mm CFC free PIR insulated cabinet with a white food safe finish. The cabinet is complete with curtains front and back for easy access to the freezer.

The curtains are available as “pull down” manual curtains which lock in place or as a fully electric operation.

HPF Cabinet Doors

Cabinet with doors

An 80mm CFC free PIR insulated cabinet complete with 80mm insulated double doors. The design ensures easy access with doors in the front and in the back. The cabinet is complete with locks and heater tape for a reliable operation.

All our cabinets are finished with a beautiful anodized aluminium fascia supporting the doors or curtains.

High Pressure Execution

Uniform blocks

High-pressure execution option

The high-pressure execution option is a popular choice for fish fingers producers and for other types of food processing that requires the most uniform blocks available. The high-pressure execution is available in 0.5kg/cm2 and higher plate pressures.

HPF Sea Rails Marine Locks

Withstand high seas

Sea rails and marine locks

Marine locks or sea rails – these go by many names but are considered essential for marine going freezers. They stop the frozen blocks from loosening from the plates in rough weather whilst the freezer is in its open position.

HPF Solenoid Carsoe

Automation option

Solenoid and electric controls

This option allows higher levels of automation and operation from both sides of the freezer via two optional control panels. This option is available in both 220V AC and 24V DC configurations, either as a solenoid and control block, or complete with optional control panel.

In case you are looking for a fully automated solution the automatic horizontal plate freezer may be the right choice.

Furthermore, you can combine your horizontal plate freezer with an IQF freezer to allow your processing line to both block freeze and individually freeze your catch.

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Interested in learning more about our freezing solutions?

You can easily get to know more about our various solutions by contacting us.

Our specialists are ready to advise you on the Carsoe plate freezing solutions and answer all your questions to help you find exactly what you need to optimize your food processing line.

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How does the horizontal contact plate freezer work?

The design of a horizontal contact plate freezer showcases precision engineering, addressing the challenges of modern freezing processes in the food industry. At its core, this freezer utilizes a series of horizontal plates that come into direct contact with the product to be frozen. This direct contact method ensures faster freezing compared to traditional methods.

The refrigeration system of the quality horizontal plate freezer is optimized for efficiency, with precise thermal controls ensuring an even distribution of cold temperatures across each plate. This results in superior quality of frozen food products. Also, the freezer's layout is designed to maximize space utilization, accommodating various product sizes while maintaining optimal freezing conditions.

How does operational excellence translate into a return on investment?

The horizontal plate freezer excels at producing optimal freezing results while consuming significantly less energy, leading to evident reductions in monthly operating costs. 

Thanks to the compact structure of the horizontal plate freezer, which doesn't compromise on capacity, businesses can optimize their available space, leading to long-term savings on potential expansion or facility costs.

With fewer fluctuations in the freezing process, there's a marked decrease in product wastage, ensuring that the investment in a quality horizontal plate freezer pays off both in immediate savings and in the longer-term reduction in overheads.

How do safety and compliance standards apply?

In the design and manufacturing of the horizontal plate freezer, safety isn't an afterthought; it's integral. Every element, from the materials used to the layout and operational controls, is assessed for potential risks. This proactive approach ensures that operators can focus on their tasks without undue concern for potential hazards.

Globally recognized safety standards are meticulously adhered to, ensuring that both operators and products are shielded from harm. The emphasis isn't merely on preventing accidents but on creating an environment where safety and productivity go hand in hand.

A world leading company within seafood and food processing

At Carsoe we strive every day to design the best stainless-steel solutions for our customers all over the world.

We manufacture high quality horizontal plate freezers and other food processing plants. The processing solutions are the result of years of experience and Danish craftsmanship.

Our processing plants and satisfied customers make us a world leading company within the seafood and food processing industry.


Is there any risk of product dehydration in horizontal plate freezers?

Due to its rapid freezing process, there's minimal dehydration, preserving the product's weight and quality.

What types of products are suitable for a horizontal plate freezer?

Fish, seafood, meat, poultry, fruits, vegetables, and ready meals are commonly frozen using this method.

How is a quality horizontal plate freezer different from other freezers?

Quality freezers typically offer uniform temperature distribution, shorter freezing time, energy efficiency, and are built with durable materials for longevity.

A highly skilled after sales team at your disposal

All Carsoe customers have access to our highly skilled team of service specialists.

Our after sales service team has a unique knowledge of Carsoe’s various production systems and processes. They can help you solve any problem you may experience while using our horizontal plate freezer.

Contact our specialised team any time whenever you need them. They are at your service 24/7.