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Strong and efficient


A horizontal plate freezer is designed for freezing blocks of seafood and portioned seafood products quickly to preserve the freshness and quality of the product.


High Quality

Why use a horizontal plate freezer?

The plate freezer consists of several horizontal freezing plates with empty space in between. The products you wish to freeze will be placed in special freezing trays. Afterwards the freezing trays are placed on each freezing plate to be frozen. The frozen blocks and portions of seafood will be easy to stack and store after the freezing process.

The quality of the frozen seafood products will be preserved perfectly when implementing a horizontal plate freezer within your processing line. 

In the seafood processing industry, a quick-freezing machine is completely indispensable.

A strong partnership for manual plate freezers

For manual plate freezer solutions, Carsoe has a strong partnership with market leader in freezing technology for the global food industry, DSI Dantech.  

DSI Dantech is a global market leader of integrated freezing and heat treatment solutions to the food industry. The company, with 300 employees, boasts over 10,000 installations worldwide.

For product details and full range of manual plate freezing solutions, please go to DSI Dantech's web site

Automatic plate freezer options

At Carsoe we offer several types of efficient automatic freezing solutions. Therefore, we are certain that we will find a suitable freezing option for you.

You can combine your automatic plate freezer with our other processing solutions. Combine the automatic plate freezer with an IQF freezer to allow both block freezing and individually quick freezing of your catch.