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Automated and efficient

Land-based Salmon and Trout Processing

Carsoe is the preferred partner for a number of large processors in the industry.

Within salmon and trout processing, we tie together the production plant with our equipment and strong transportation solutions for efficient processing of salmon.

We complete the factory layout with equipment suchs as bleeding tanks, deslimers and fillet washer to create a coherent production flow.

Our experienced installation engineers have handled installations, maintenance and rebuilds on salmon processing facilities for many years and are ready to travel at your request.

Advanced equipment for optimized salmon processing lines

At the core of every successful salmon processing plant lies the foundational strength of top-tier salmon processing equipment. Our comprehensive range of equipment for salmon processing is engineered to cater to the diverse production needs and scales of operations, ensuring that whether you're just starting out or scaling up, your salmon processing factory is equipped with cutting-edge machinery. 

We specialize in developing comprehensive salmon processing systems tailored to your facility's unique requirements, featuring equipment for desliming, grading, filet washing, transporting, and palletizing. Our advanced salmon processing equipment is designed to prioritize hygiene and operational safety, ensuring your salmon factory operates efficiently and stands out in a competitive market. 

We also provide a spectrum of advanced solutions for constructing complete factory lines for land-based surimi-processing and warm-water-shrimp-processing, extending our expertise to meet your broader processing requirements.

Processing Equipment for Land-Based Salmon Factory

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Maximizing output with streamlined salmon processing

Every piece of equipment we provide to your salmon processing line is engineered for maximum output and minimal waste, ensuring that your salmon factory stays ahead of the competition. By integrating our salmon processing equipment, you'll reap benefits such as reduced operating costs through decreased downtime and optimized energy and labor usage as well as a higher yield through a higher output and minimal waste. 

Our machines accelerate the processing timeline, allowing for a higher volume of salmon products to be produced more quickly, while maintaining the highest standards of quality. This efficiency ensures that your salmon processing plant operates at its maximum potential.

Quality is at the forefront of what we do. Our machinery guarantees a high level of precision in salmon processing, resulting in uniform size and presentation of the salmon filets. This level of quality can open up new markets and premium pricing opportunities for your products. The uniform sizing leads to more precise processing, less waste and ultimately a higher yield.

Ultimately, the adoption of our salmon processing systems translates into a distinct competitive edge. Your salmon processing factory will not only enjoy elevated production efficiency but will also deliver products that consistently meet and exceed industry standards. This means happier customers who trust your brand for their salmon needs, and a stronger bottom line for your business.

Comprehensive support for your salmon processing factory

We recognize that the foundation of a thriving salmon processing plant is not just advanced equipment, but also the comprehensive support that comes with it. Our team, comprising highly committed installation engineers, boasts in-depth experience in salmon and seafood processing. They have extensive knowledge to manage any project, whether it involves a new installation, ongoing maintenance, or a full-scale rebuild. Their willingness to travel directly to your site underscores our commitment at Carsoe to responsive and personalized service for your salmon factory.

From the outset, we meticulously oversee the entire lifecycle of your salmon processing plant - from the initial concept to development, from meticulous production to dedicated after-sales service. Our approach is holistic; we ensure that every aspect of your salmon processing line is optimized for peak performance. We champion the fine details and the bigger picture, ensuring that your operations run seamlessly.

Our team aligns with a singular objective: crafting results that propel our customers towards success, regardless of the complexity of the challenge at hand. By choosing Carsoe, you choose an expert manufacturer and trusted partner who is invested in the quality and efficiency of your salmon processing factory.


Why is Carsoe considered the preferred partner for large processors in the salmon and trout processing industry?

Carsoe is recognized as the preferred partner due to its expertise in tying together production plants with efficient equipment and strong transportation solutions for salmon and trout processing. The company has a proven track record with large processors in the industry.

What specific solutions does Carsoe offer for salmon and trout processing?

Carsoe provides comprehensive solutions within salmon and trout processing, including bleeding tanks, deslimers, and fillet washers. These components are strategically integrated into the factory layout to ensure a coherent and efficient production flow.

Is Carsoe willing to travel to assist with installations, maintenance, and rebuilds upon request?

Yes, Carsoe's experienced installation engineers are ready to travel upon request to assist with installations, maintenance, and rebuilds in salmon processing facilities. This demonstrates the company's commitment to providing support wherever needed.

What are the stages of a salmon processing line?

A salmon processing line may include several stages: sorting, scaling, gutting, heading, fileting, skinning, trimming, deboning, washing, chilling, and packaging. Each stage is designed to ensure the salmon is processed efficiently and hygienically.

How does automation in salmon processing plants improve efficiency?

Automation streamlines the processing stages, reduces the need for manual labor, ensures consistent product quality, and increases throughput. It minimizes handling time for each salmon, allowing for faster processing from reception to packaging.

The automated processing allows for precise product traceability through data collection via product labeling. The data collection ensures precise data on e.g. where the product is located in storage, when it has been packed and time spent in sorting/interim storage.  

What measures are in place to prevent downtime in salmon processing equipment?

Preventative maintenance schedules, real-time monitoring systems for early fault detection, and the use of durable, high-quality materials in machinery construction are key measures to prevent downtime. Additionally, staff training on the proper operation of equipment helps mitigate operational errors that could lead to efficiency losses.