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IQF Tunnel Freezers

Our IQF tunnel freezer quickly freezes your shrimp and other small, delicate products.

The Carsoe IQF tunnel freezer operates according to the vertical blowing principle. This tunnel freezer is designed for individual freezing of small products, such as shell-on shrimps and other delicate products.

It is worth noting that our IQF tunnel freezer is designed to form part of an automatic processing line, and therefore easy to implement into existing processing lines.

How does it work?

Tunnel freezing process

The product moves through the machine on a conveyor and is led past axial fans. The fans blow the air through an evaporator generating an air temperature of below -30°c.

A quick freezing with a product temperature down to -18°c is achieved with this IQF tunnel freezer.

The cabinet in the IQF freezer is made of modules with polyurethane insulation, ensuring that no hot air enters the freezer and no cold air gets out. The conveyor frame is made of stainless steel, whereas the belt is made of fda-approved materials.

The open IQF-design facilitates a cleaning that meets even the strictest veterinary demands.

3 key features

Design of the IQF tunnel freezer


Pvc-coated or stainless steel polyurethane panels. Stainless steel floor with drain for cleaning. Access through freezing room door with heating conductor in frame.


Stainless steel frame. Modular conveyor belt in easy-to-clean fda-approved plastic.


Hot-dip galvanized fined tube evaporators.

Get the facts

Technical data of IQF freezers


  • Principle: High velocity, vertical blowing
  • Inlet temperature: 8°c
  • Outlet temperature: -18°c
  • Freezing time: Adjustable
  • Air temperature: -30°c
  • Coolant (pump system): R-717, R22
  • Defrosting: Water or hot gas
  • Belt cleaning: Belt washing system
  • Evaporating temp.: -40°c at evaporator


Want to know more?

Contact us and let us work together to find the optimal solution for your vessel.

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Advantages of IQF tunnel freezer for seafood

  1. Superior quality preservation:

Using the IQF tunnel freezer, seafood, especially delicate items like shrimp, retains its texture, flavor, and nutritional value. The quick freeze process prevents the formation of large ice crystals, which can damage the cellular structure of the seafood.

  1. Increased shelf life:

IQF freezing temperature extends the shelf life of seafood products without compromising their freshness. This means seafood can be stored for longer periods while maintaining their peak quality.

  1. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness:

For businesses, time is money. The IQF process significantly reduces the freezing time compared to traditional methods, making it more efficient and cost-effective for large-scale operations.

Experience and expertise in constructing IQF tunnel freezers

As an experienced IQF tunnel freezer manufacturer, our journey has been deeply rooted in understanding the intricacies of freezing processes. Our IQF tunnel freezer is a testament to this commitment, blending innovation with functionality in its design. The expertise of our team is reflected in every aspect of the IQF tunnel freezer design, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

If you're seeking an effective and high-quality IQF freezer for your processing line, you can trust in the solution we provide.

The science behind our IQF tunnel freezer design

At the heart of our IQF tunnel freezer lies a blend of scientific precision and innovative thinking. At Carsoe, as an established IQF tunnel freezer manufacturer, we delve deep into the molecular intricacies of seafood preservation. Understanding the unique cellular composition of seafood, especially sensitive varieties like shrimp, drives the essence of our design. 

This attention to detail ensures minimal ice crystal formation, safeguarding the texture and flavor that consumers cherish. Furthermore, our continuous research and development initiatives aim to stay ahead of industry demands, guaranteeing a freezer that isn't just effective today, but remains relevant for the challenges of tomorrow. 

When you invest in our IQF tunnel freezer, you're investing in a product backed by more than 30 years of research and a passion for excellence.


What is the difference between IQF and blast freezing?

IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) focuses on freezing individual pieces of product separately from each other, ensuring that they don't stick together and preserving their individual shapes and nutritional content. Blast freezing, on the other hand, rapidly reduces the temperature of a bulk product, often resulting in clumped-together items.

What is the principle of IQF freezing?

The primary principle behind IQF freezing is to quickly freeze individual items separately at extremely low temperatures. This rapid freezing process prevents the formation of large ice crystals, ensuring the product retains its original texture, shape, and nutritional value.

Is IQF considered fresh?

The IQF technique preserves a product's freshness, flavor, and nutrition more effectively than standard freezing. As a result, IQF-frozen items often mirror the quality of fresh products.