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Vertical Plate Freezer with Automatic Unloading System

V16 Freezer

Automatic and gentle handling of frozen blocks. V16 Freezer in combination with unique and patented Automatic Unloading System for easy handling of frozen blocks. The freezer system ensures automatic and simple unloading and is available for both sea and land installations. 

The V16 Freezer is available in many different block sizes and stations according to individual needs. 

The V16 Freezer system is fully automatic which ensures no manual heavy lifting or risk of dropping the frozen blocks. Also, the system is highly suitable for automatic bag infeed and palletizing. 

With Connection Conveyor System

Automatic Unloading System

Easy handling of frozen blocks. The V16 Freezer system comes with an integrated Automatic Unloading System that removes any kind of manual lifting and handling. As a space saving and economic solution, a Connection Conveyor System between two or more V16 Freezer systems further optimizes the handling of the frozen blocks.

It is mounted onto the Automatic Unloading System where it ensures easy transport of the blocks without any human touching of the blocks. Also, it can be mounted onto existing Unloading Systems. 

V16 Vertical Freezer

Advantages of V16 Freezer system

  • Fully automatic solution
  • Gentle handling of frozen blocks
  • No heavy lifting
  • No risk of dropping frozen blocks


  • Hygienic - no human touching of the blocks
  • Highly suitable for automatic bag infeed and palletizing

Avoid frozen blocks break

Non-Stick Cover Plates

Non-Stick Cover Plates secure the frozen blocks from breaking, and they ensure gentle handling of the blocks. They are mounted onto the aluminum profiles on the Automatic Unloading System. The plates ensure friction free movement of the frozen blocks during unloading from the V16 vertical freezer.

The Cover Plates are suitable for both new system and rebuildings and can be offered as rebuilding kit for existing V16 Freezers. 

Important benefits

  • Avoid frozen blocks break during unloading
  • Gentle handling of frozen blocks
  • No product waste from blocks
  • General reduction of product waste
  • Reduce amount of added water to blocks

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Senior Sales Manager

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Tony Pedersen

Sales Manager

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