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The Year of 2022 in Numbers

Record-setting year for Carsoe After Sales

Looking back at 2022, the performance and commitment from our After Sales Department at our Danish HQ has been nothing less than outstanding. When summing up in miles, our team of installation technicians have been around the world more than once. When calculating hours, our team of After Sales Managers and Spare Part Coordinators have worked half a decade in 2022 servicing customers. These are quite incredible accomplishments.

A busy year at Carsoe

To our colleagues in After Sales, 2022 has been a somewhat normal year, when defining normal as travelling the world to service customers, installing seafood processing equipment around the world, completing maintenance at land-based food factories, and servicing customers in numerous countries with spare parts. Despite the “normal” year, our travelling activities result in record-setting statistics.

Diving into the numbers of 2022, it becomes clear that it has been a busy year at Carsoe:

  • 24 TECHNICIANS:All year round, a team of 24 installation technicians have travelled the world to service customers. Converted into miles, they have travelled around the world more than once. 
  • 3,700 DAYS:The number of travelling days for our technicians exceeds 3,700 days abroad. In addition to this number, are days of installation and maintenance in Denmark at shipyards, vessels, food factories, etc.
  • 20 COUNTRIES:We have serviced and visited customers in many parts of the world, including countries like USA, Canada, Uruguay, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Norway, Germany, Holland, Turkey, Spain, England, Scotland, Iceland, and Greenland
  • 25 AFTER SALES COLLEAGUES:We are here for you. In 2022, this team has worked more than 48,000 hours, which is more than half a decade. In addition, we have strengthened our After Sales Department even further with more experienced colleagues within both spare part handling and maintenance. 

Carsoe After Sales Department

Rebuilds, maintenance, and spare parts

Whether you are in the market for rebuilds, maintenance, or spare parts, Carsoe After Sales Department is here to service you.

Production demands change over time which have an impact on your equipment requirements. Rebuilding processing equipment requires experience and a detailed how-to plan to ensure a cost-effective outcome. At Carsoe, we have that kind of know-how and are ready to collaborate with you on this to meet the demands of your production schedule and applications.

To reduce downtime and optimize productivity in a processing line, our great team of installation technicians respond quickly, and often within few hours, to assist customers. Also, we can promptly put together a qualified service team when needed at larger installation projects.

It is crucial with fast access to spare parts to keep your equipment running smooth. At Carsoe, you can choose from various spare part packages that fit your individual needs, and our large stock enables us to ship most spare parts within 24 hours.

Contact our After Sales Team

The most experienced After Sales Team is ready to service you when it comes to rebuilds, maintenance, and spare parts.

Michael Jensen Carsoe

Michael Jensen

After Sales, Sales Engineer

+ 45 30 85 64 32
Frank Brix Nielsen - Carsoe

Frank Brix Nielsen

Spare Part Coordinator

+45 29 37 52 57
Henrik Boelt Vestergaard

Henrik Boelt Vestergaard

Spare Part Coordinator

+45 53 38 64 37
Keld Eriksen - Spare parts - Carsoe

Keld Eriksen

Spare Part Coordinator

+45 51 96 47 96
Pernille Pallesen - Carsoe

Pernille Pallesen

Service Coordinator

+45 9824 2624
Anders Kirkebak Poulsen - Carsoe

Anders Kirkebak Poulsen

Head of Sales, After Sales

+45 61 22 76 24
Jonas Bjørn Wilkenskjeld Olsen

Jonas Bjørn Wilkenskjeld Olsen

Warranty & Support manager

+45 21 33 64 68

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