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Frøyanes Completes Successful First Crab Season

They started late as no. 16 in the last olympic crab fishing season in Norway but the new Frøyanes vessel finished in 5th place with a total catch of impressive 680 tons.

"Overall, with a new boat and a lot of new equipment for the crew – we are very happy with our first crab season. It is beyond approved", says Geir Rune Aarsheim, Project Manager at Ervik Havfiske.

A strong partnership in factory installation

The onboard crab processing factory is a key factor to the successful first season and with a shared goal to succeed, Carsoe and Ervik Havfiske have built a strong partnership starting from the very first installation day at the shipyard.

“We experienced an excellent overview from the Carsoe installation team”, Geir Rune says. “They were great at being ahead of the curve, considering which areas had to be ready for their equipment at the right time and which other installations would cause challenges during installation.

He also highlights the professional collaboration with other subcontractors:

Carsoe communicated well and ensured a good atmosphere throughout the installation. Top score installation – and on schedule delivery.

Stable function of the entire factory from day 1

The new Frøyanes vessel went on their first fishing trip in January and the goal was clear: to move up the rankings and catch their share of the crab quote this season.

A Carsoe team of five installation engineers was onboard to assist the crew. The modern onboard factory with a high degree of automation is designed for continuous and efficient processing of the catch. The factory is at the heart of the vessel and is key to a successful season and Geir Rune compliments the Carsoe team onboard:

Their determination to achieve a stable function of the entire factory from day 1 was admirable. They showed great patience with the crew during run-ins and training. The Carsoe engineers worked hard to handle adjustments or issues and improve the factory flow.

Shrimp Season has started

The Frøyanes crew reports that they are thriving in the factory and only expect their satisfaction to continue as they become more experienced with the equipment.

With the crab season completed, the vessel has now starting their first shrimp tour. Part of the factory is fitted with a shrimp line with five grades to utilize the vessel for different species. The handling section with product hotel and palletizing are used for both shrimp and crab fishing, using the factory deck to the fullest.

Which Factory Features Would You Highlight?

Good space - Low noise - Easy to manage -  Service friendly

- Geir Rune Aarsheim


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