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New Efficient Robot Palletizing System for Royal Greenland Factory Trawler

While the new vessel, Akamalik, is under construction at the Astilleros de Murueta shipyard in Spain, the processing equipment for the shrimp factory onboard is prepared for installation, including a new robot palletizing system, promising to be the most efficient in Carsoe’s history so far. 

Being a trusted seafood processing partner requires continuous commitment to developing and evolving our reliable and high-capacity solutions for our customers. In the last week of March, a milestone was reached, as the FAT test of the new, efficient onboard robot sorting and palletizing solution was successfully concluded at Carsoe.

Designed to run at -18 degrees Celsius inside a factory freezer trawler, two of the three robotic arms were tested at 10% speed not to overheat the system during testing. 

The solution is designed in close collaboration with our partner Robotool and when fully operational, the system will be the fastest robot sorting and palletizing system in Carsoe's history so far, promising up to 50% more efficient operations of the palletizing section.

The solution offers easy maintenance, high uptime and a safer working environment for the crew.

Evolving in partnership with our customers

Project Manager, Jonas Aagaard, is happy with the test and progress on the equipment for Akamalik: “The test went well, and it is always a pleasure to have our customers to join us for testing. The stronger our relationship with our customers, the better the end results are.

We are particularly proud of this solution, as it represents Carsoe’s next level in robot sorting and palletizing. We have built quite a few robot solutions on other vessels, and we see, that robotic solutions onboard work efficiently and reliably. This latest solution is the next step of evolution of our equipment and solutions to the benefit of our customers.”

Learn more about the Akamalik onboard factory here >> 

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