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Building a Skilled Crew: Factory Training Sessions



In a modern onboard processing trawler, the efficiency and skill of the crew play is essential for the quality of the product and the overall success of the operation. A highly automated factories requires in-depth knowledge and training of the crew to best operate the processing lines.

During the Factory Acceptance Test for the new Japan Shrimp line for factory trawler Markus, the participation of 10 crew members provided a great opportunity for our installation team to share their knowledge and skills on how to operate the different sections of the new packing line.

Through walkthroughs, advice on adjustments, and sharing experiences from other onboard factories, we laid a foundation of knowledge that would enable the crew to efficiently operate the factory at sea. We are committed to the success of our customers, and crew training creates a strong foundation.

Why Factory Training Matters

For a seafood processing operation to excel, every member of the crew must work together and know the equipment in and out.

Training allows crew members to learn the optimal ways of operating, ensuring that everyone is proficient in handling the equipment and understands the workflow thoroughly. The benefits of a skilled crew and proper training include:


Enhanced Efficiency

Well-trained crew members are more adept at their tasks, reducing downtime and maximizing the throughput of the processing line. This means higher efficiency, positively impacting the bottom line.


Improved Product Quality

Quality is vital in seafood processing. When crew members understand the factory in detail and are trained on how to operate advanced machinery, the product quality invariably improves.


Increased Crew Satisfaction

Training equips the crew with the necessary skills. Crew members who feel competent and valued are more satisfied with their jobs, leading to lower turnover rates and fostering a positive working environment on board.

Practical Training: The Onboard Shrimp Line for Markus

The training session during the Markus FAT is a great example of effective training in action. By involving the crew in the acceptance test of the new packing line, we were not only ensuring that they were familiar with the equipment but were also investing in their in-depth knowledge of the factory and equipment.

Every crew member's skill and knowledge are invaluable assets to the company and the success of the trawler. As the processing partner for the Markus vessel, we are proud to take responsibility for training a skilled, efficient, and satisfied crew.

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