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Our freezer specialists are located in England. Here they design and build high quality, reliable freezers.

Born out of over 30 years of plate freezer design and manufacturing experience, we design and produce plate freezers as well as horizontal and vertical freezers.

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We work closely with our customers on an individual basis, listen to every customers’ needs and requirements, and then build our freezers around them. Each machine is hand-built to the highest standards, and each freezer is subject to a multi-point inspection before dispatch.

Many of you may know our freezer division as Freezertech. They have been a part of Carsoe since 2018. The combined knowledge and the ability to design and produce a complete Carsoe processing line, including high-quality freezers, makes Carsoe the world-leader in seafood processing.

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Carsoe UK


Carsoe UK
Unit 2 Humberston Business Centre
Humberston, North East Lincolnshire
DN36 4AS
United Kingdom
Mail: /     
Tel: +45 98 24 26 24

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Kyle Bennett

Director - Carsoe UK

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