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A growing trend: Onboard processing of Surimi

We are seeing a growing trend towards including the surimi line onboard the fishing vessels to increase the onboard product value chain resulting in a higher degree of value-added production onboard the vessel.

Effective processing of surimi is an intricate process with multiple steps from fresh fish to processed, cleaned, washed, drained and frozen in surimi blocks.

Surimi processing on limited space

Adding surimi processing to the onboard factories is trending in the fishing industry. This means, that the knowledge on how to best design, build and install a well-functioning surimi processing system onboard a trawler is in high demand.

Traditionally this type of production has been on land factories where space is plenty, and the equipment define the space of the processing plant. With onboard processing, the space is limited, and special attention should be paid to the production flow and processes to ensure effective processing and the highest possible yield.

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Experience with surimi processing

Carsoe is the largest onboard factory supplier, who is designing delivering complete onboard surimi processing lines in both Russia and USA.

In Russia, Carsoe has contracted seven Russian Fisheries vessels. They will all be equipped with surimi processing lines. The first factory is in full operation, and the rest are on track.

Also, the largest surimi trawler ever to be built in the US, Arctic Storm, is also well on its way. It too will be equipped with a complete surimi processing line from Carsoe.

With a year-long experience of onboard processing and unique specialist know-how on surimi processing, Carsoe has the necessary knowledge and experience on the processes to be able to advice our customers on the best solution.

We were chosen for both projects because of our in-depth knowledge on the surimi processing flow and our focus on designing a coherent solution centered around effective operation flows

- Jeppe Christensen, Sales and Business Manager Seafood

Hugo Dissing - CEO - Carsoe

Hugo Dissing

CEO - Carsoe Group

+45 24 69 56 60
Ruben Nielsen - Carsoe US - Seafood Processing Sales

Ruben Nielsen

VP Sales - Carsoe US

+1 206 771 5254

Surimi – a high-value product

Surimi meat is the cleanest possible product. It is cleaned, washed, and drained to ensure that only the clean fish meat is left in the compact surimi mince. The product is pure protein and vitamins. Nothing else.

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