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Surimi processing

Produce and freeze your surimi onboard. The Carsoe surimi line is designed as a complete processing line suited for onboard processing.

Pollock fillets are sent from the filleting lines to the mincing machine. The fish mince is then washed several times to clean blood, small bones, and impurities from the mince.

Once the fish mince is cleaned, it is pumped to a decanter to drain the fluids out of the mince before continuing to be mixed with additives.

Finally, the finished surimi mince is sent to a packing station where an electrical controlled pump system ensures accurate dosage of the mince with check weighing before sealing the product and continuing towards the freezing line.


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Jeppe Christensen

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Thomas Andreasen

Area Sales Manager - Seafood processing

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VP Sales - Carsoe US

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