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Efficient gutting

KM Mark 6 Fish Gutting Machine

KM Mark 6 Fish Gutting Machine is based on the technology of the well known KM Mark 5. The machine is light and takes up less space on the working deck.

The machine is suitable for long line vessels, as the hooks, still in the fish, will not affect the gutting of the fish.

For gutting fish such as cod, saithe, haddock, whiting, and hake or similar species.


Efficient and durable

Fish gutting equipment

The fish are placed continuously in the feeding chamber, where a conveyor belt with catches transports the fish through a positional system of guiding plates to the gutting chamber. The rotating knife cuts the fish as required.

After having been cut, the fish pass a rotating nylon brush and water sprays which remove the last entrails. The gutted fish are led to the outlet for further transportation/processing.

Technical specifications

Capacity 40 fish/minute
Size of fish 30 - 75 cm
Species Haddock, whiting, hake, cod, saithe, and similar species
Operation Hydraulic: 25 l/min. at 100 bar
Water 3-4 m3 at 3.5 bar
Weight 270 kg
Material Manufactured in polished stainless steel and F.D.A. approved materials
Other The machine can be placed vertically after use, taking up only 0.6 x 1 m deck area. Height is then 2 m

KM Mark 5 and KM Mark 7

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Niels Kronborg Nielsen

Niels Kronborg Nielsen

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Rasmus Kronborg Nielsen

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