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Continuous cooker

Connie 800

Connie 800 is an automatic continuous shrimp cooker. The cooker boils the fresh catch in an even and rapid way, resulting in a uniform cooking where every batch is identical.

The Connie series of shrimp cookers represents an innovative approach to the use of process equipment for the fishing industry. In a formidable way, the machine solves the great challenges many fishermen have when trying to obtain an even cooking process. With Connie 800 every shrimp will be perfect - both in looks and in taste.

Connie 800 has a hygeinic design and special conveyor lifting kit, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Connie 800

Technical specifications

Capacity: Up to 1500 kg per hour at 3 minutes cooking

Cooking: 2-7 minutes

Start-up time: Approx. 45 minutes from 5⁰C to 98⁰C

Steam 140 kW: 245 kg/h steam at 165°C

Oil 160 kW: 18 kg/h oil

Electric 165 kW: 240A at 3x400V

Temperature drop in standby: Approx. 2⁰C per hour


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Søren Hansen

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