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Efficient and advanced processing


At Carsoe, we specialize in delivering efficient fish processing solutions with high quality materials that are easy to clean and operate.

Our processing option designs provide an uninterrupted processing flow from catch to packaging while maintaining the uncompromised quality of your catch regardless of how you wish to process it.

Investing in a customizable Carsoe solution allows you to process fish in the most efficient way possible every day. After implementation, our skilled after sales team will assist you and solve any challenges along the way you may face, when operating your Carsoe option.

On this page you can read more about fish processing, and how the Carsoe processing options can streamline your fish processing facilities to create an even more efficient setup in the future.

High Quality

What is fish processing?

Fish processing is an important part of the seafood processing industry and is vital for preserving fish for consumption. Without proper fish processing facilities, fish would spoil quickly and be unsafe to eat, resulting in a loss of profit. By understanding the different ways of fish processing, you can ensure that your catch is processed in a proper way in your fish processing factory.

At Carsoe our fish processing systems involve sorting, cleaning, filleting, quick freezing and palletizing of the frozen goods. This process can either be executed onboard a vessel or on land depending on the preferred processing setup.

Our automated processing line can be tailored to land-based processing of various types of seafood, such as shrimp, warm water shrimps, salmon, and surimi to allow efficient and uniform processing of your catch. The processing line is adaptive to onboard processing as well for processing your catch immediately after fish, crabs and other seafood types are onboard.

Optimize production

Efficient processing and fresh freezing of fish results in higher-quality fish products

There are many ways to process and preserve the catch. The fish processing layout will vary depending on the type of fish being processed and whether the processing takes place on board or on shore. For example, a facility that processes whitefish on board may need different equipment and procedures than a facility that processes surimi on shore.

Either way proper fish processing facilities ensure that customers can purchase safe, high quality fish products year-round. One of the most common and efficient ways to preserve fish is freezing.

By freezing the fish straight after processing on board, the fish will maintain its texture and freshness for a longer time. This method is called fresh freezing. The benefits of this particular freezing method are the nutritional value, moisture, and taste are completely preserved. Fresh freezing captures all the fresh quality characteristics of the seafood. When fish and other types of seafood are properly frozen, it is like pressing pause on time. Freezing keeps and maintains the quality of the seafood and results in fresh frozen fish being fresher than never-frozen fresh fish caught weeks ago.

Other benefits of an efficient fish processing layout are:



Reduce costs

Efficient processing practices can reduce labor and overhead costs for fish processing facilities, minimize environmental impact and reduce energy usage.


Quick processing

Timely processing is also important for food safety. Fish should be processed quickly and stored properly to maintain quality.


Maximize profits

Efficient processing of fish aids in the reduction of waste. By minimizing the amount of broken and unusable fish, processors can maximize their profits.

Individual processing

Different types of fish require different processing options

All types of fish require some sort of processing in a fish processing factory on shore or onboard prior to being sold. The type of fish processing layout depends on the type of fish, the size, and the intended use.

A Carsoe factory can be designed to suit your fish processing needs and most factories are designed for multiple processing solutions, such as frozen whole, H&G, J-cut, cleaning and gutting systems, or even a complete filleting factory. Some common techniques in a fish processing system include cleaning, filleting, and packing.

After the catch has been dragged on board, cleaning the fish is essential. Cleaning fish involves the removal of the guts and entrails. This process requires an excellent and efficient fish gutting machine that ensures uniform and rapid cleaning. Filleting fish is the next step. This part of the process involves removing the bones from the flesh. In a Carsoe factory, the fillets will then be weighed and frozen into easy-packing portions ready for sorting and palletizing. A big advantage of the Carsoe solution is that the entire process flow can be designed for a high degree of automation.

Proper processing options suited to the specific needs of your business will change how efficiently fish can be processed and get ready for sale. Regardless of the preferred processing technique or processing method to process fish, we can create a tailored fish processing layout.


Find out how we can optimize your fish processing layout


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We are ready to help and guide you in choosing the right processing option

We know that choosing the right option can take some time, and maybe you have some questions that need an answer.

Our experienced team can provide you with tailored advice, helping to find the perfect fish processing system for your unique requirements suited to your fish processing facilities.

Get in touch with us today and discover how our helpful specialists can guide you to the right option. We are ready to help you when you need help.

You may also send us an enquiry and we will get back to you.

A world leading company within fish and seafood processing

It is very important for us to deliver fish processing facilities of exceptional quality adapted to the individual needs of our clients.

Therefore, Carsoe is a world-leading company within our industry. We manufacture high-quality seafood processing options for the seafood processing industry. We develop complex systems that will perform every day and smoothen your processing of various types of seafood.

We strive daily to develop the best seafood and fish processing layout solutions. To accomplish this, we rely on our many years of experience and our good relationships with fishermen all over the world. We believe that a strong partnership will benefit everyone. By listening to our customers’ needs and experiences, we develop solutions that are adapted to fit their needs perfectly.

An experienced partner

At Carsoe, we understand that efficient production and high-quality end products are integral for long-term success. Our experienced team carefully evaluates the needs of the fish processing factory before beginning a meticulous installation process to ensure optimal performance strictly in accordance with the individual requirements of each trawler.

With our comprehensive training program after commissioning, you will be ready for a reliable with minimal ongoing maintenance requirements. This allows you to focus on what matters most: achieving success in today’s competitive market.

And with our strong After Sales service, we are ready to assist with maintentance, repairs or refits of the equipment, when quotas og requirements change.


How can Carsoe's fish processing systems benefit my business?

Carsoe's fish processing systems offer efficient and customizable solutions, allowing you to streamline your processing facilities. After implementation, the skilled after-sales team assists in overcoming any operational challenges, ensuring optimal performance.

What are the benefits of an efficient fish processing layout?

An efficient layout reduces costs by minimizing labor and overhead expenses, minimizes environmental impact, and lowers energy usage. Quick processing ensures food safety, while waste reduction maximizes yields by minimizing broken and unusable fish.

How does proper processing impact the efficiency of fish preparation for sale?

Proper processing options, tailored to specific business needs, significantly impact the efficiency of fish preparation for sale. Carsoe's solutions enhance the speed and uniformity of cleaning, filleting, and packing, ultimately optimizing the entire fish processing layout.