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Semi Automatic Japan Line


The semi automatic Japan line is designed for weighing of 1kg Japan shrimps.

With this line, you will achieve an end product of 1 kg Japan shrimps packed into a box, sealed and ready for retail.

The semi automatic Japan line allows you to weigh out exactly 1 kg of Japan shrimps and pack them into the designated boxes. After this step, they are brought to a station where the boxes are closed and glued in order to seal them.

Effective weighing of shrimp

Two advantages for your production



1: Twice the capacity

Our semi automatic Japan line has twice the capacity that a manual line would have. 

It can weigh up to 20 portions per minute.

Japan Afvejning 1Kg Nataarnaq2 Low

2: No further processing

At the end of the line, you end up with a product that is ready to be sent directly to retail.

No further processing is needed.

Japan Afvejning 1Kg Nataarnaq Low

Fully automated Plate Freezing

The Japan line is centered around a custom-built automatic plate freezer section, where the ready-packed fresh shrimp is quickly and gently frozen to preserve the highest possible product quality.

The freezer is built with a stainless steel frame and cylinder, which allows the freezer to withstand harsh environments and ensures a long lifespan for your freezing solution.

The infeed and outfeed of the automatic plate freezer is fully automated and is designed with the highest possible capacity and easy maintenance in mind.

Check out the video to see a factory acceptance test of an automated plate freezer setup for a Japan line.


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