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Semi Automatic Japan Line


The semi automatic Japan line is designed for weighing of 1kg Japan shrimps.

With this line, you will achieve an end product of 1 kg Japan shrimps packed into a box, sealed and ready for retail.

The semi automatic Japan line allows you to weigh out exactly 1 kg of Japan shrimps and pack them into the designated boxes. After this step, they are brought to a station where the boxes are closed and glued in order to seal them.

Effective weighing of shrimp

Two advantages for your production



1: Twice the capacity

Our semi automatic Japan line has twice the capacity that a manual line would have. 

It can weigh up to 20 portions per minute.

Semi Automatic Japan Line 3

2: No further processing

At the end of the line, you end up with a product that is ready to be sent directly to retail.

No further processing is needed.

Semi Automatic Japan Line 2


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