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Kickstart your educational journey at Carsoe

You are welcome aboard our ship.

At Carsoe, we value each member of our team and the skills they each bring to the table. We know that our employees are our most valuable assets and the heart of our organization. And we are always happy to welcome new people to our team.

At Carsoe, we have a vision of educating the best apprentices and trainees

Mentoring our young colleagues

At Carsoe, we offer a mentoring program for our apprentices, ensuring that they are assigned a mentor from the beginning of their journey. Our mentors will assist apprentices throughout their apprenticeship, functioning as both colleagues and a go-to person they can turn to for both significant and minor matters.

Our mentors undergo careful selection and training, guaranteeing that they have the necessary tools and skills to fulfill the crucial role of being a mentor.

People and culture

Get to know some of our talents

They say a picture is worth more than 1,000 words. But what if you combine pictures with words?


Marketing & Communication


She has been working at Carsoe as a student worker since the summer of 2023. She likes the close cooperation with the other departments and learning new skills.

"I really appreciate that I get to work on a lot of different tasks in marketing and communication."


Adam Lager



He has been working at the warehouse for more than a year and a half. He really likes that he gets a lot of responsibility, and the opportunity to work together with teamleaders and welders in the production.

"I am very pleased with the great trust they have in me. They believe that I can complete my tasks on my own."




He has been an apprentice at Carsoe for 4 years. He thinks it's a great place to be because he gets to try out different things. There is a great collaboration with all colleagues throughout the production and administration.



"It's a very good place to work. I'm happy to be a welder at Carsoe."




He has been an apprentice at Carsoe for two months, primarily in the area called Seafood. He finds it really cool to be an apprentice at Carsoe because he gets to try different things and work together with many different departments.


"The funniest thing is welding - I think that's really awesome."




He has just completed basic training and has recently begun his apprenticeship at Carsoe. In the beginning of each apprenticeships they have to work in each department - ex. in the surface treatment department - explaining the white suit.


"It is a very great place; you get to do all sorts of things. I'm happy to be here."


Anton El Værksted

Electrical Wokshop


He has been at Carsoe for more than one year. He is an apprentice in the electrical workshop, and he finds it really cool to be involved in the electrical process from start to finish of the product.

"The best thing about working at Carsoe is that my work is fun and challenging."




He has been working at Carsoe as a student worker for almost a year. He likes that he has been given a lot of responsibility and that he can apply his theoretical knowledge from his studies.

"I am very happy with the collaboration with the other departments and think that Carsoe is a great place to work."


Club for apprentices and trainees

The purpose of the club is to promote social unity among all apprentices, trainees and student workers. The club should be seen as an opportunity to strengthen their connection to the company and our values while also providing a platform to share experiences and get to know each other.

Our values

We know how important it is to work together as a team. We know what matters and how to make a change. And we never stop, before the job is done.


the strength of cooperation


the strength of ownership


the strength of commitment

Do you have any questions? Feel free to reach out to one of our colleagues