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Carsoe is a global front runner developing efficient IQF freezers and other automated freezing solutions for the seafood processing industry.

The Carsoe solutions are characterized by high quality, long-lasting materials and easy to clean designs. The IQF freezers efficiently preserve the food quality and ensure individual freezing of the delicate seafood products.

Do you have special wishes for your new freezing solution? We will customize it to your needs.

At this page you can read more about our IQF freezers.

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What is an IQF freezer?

IQF stands for “Individually Quick Frozen”. The IQF freezers can easily freeze individual pieces of food. This freezing solution makes sure the individual seafood products do not clump together when the products are packaged after the freezing process.

IQF freezers can vary in size and capacity. This type of freezer can be customized to your requirements if you need a small IQF freezer or a large one. 

This freezer is especially well-suited for freezing batches of food products that tend to clump together when frozen. The food pieces will be frozen individually and separated within the batch. You will experience the great benefits of the IQF freezers when freezing batches of shellfish, shrimp, and other delicate seafood products.

For onboard freezing it can be beneficial to combine your IQF freezing line with a line of automatic horizontal plate freezers to allow for both block freezing and individually quick freezing of your catch.

The IQF freezing process


IQF freezers individually freeze food products via the cold air circulation method. Within the freezer the air is cooled down to an approximate temperature of -30 degrees.



The food passes through a freezing tunnel on a conveyor belt. The constant cold air flows through the tunnel in circular motions until the food is frozen at -18 degrees, when it reaches the exit of the tunnel.


This freezing method ensures quick freezing of your seafood products, thus preserving a high-quality product. By adding an IQF freezing tunnels to your seafood processing line you will gain a high production capacity.

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Experience the Carsoe IQF tunnel freezer

At Carsoe we have developed the market’s best IQF tunnel freezer. A freezing option that easily cools down food products to -18 degrees enabling the shrimps to last way longer than fresh shrimp.

This IQF freezer is constructed of PVC-coated or stainless-steel polyurethane panels, a stainless-steel frame and hot-dip galvanized finned tube evaporators. All together securing an easy to clean experience and an optimal freezing result. You can choose a small IQF freezer containing one tunnel freezer or a large freezer option combining several tunnel freezers.

Read more about our IQF tunnel freezer at this page.


Learn more about our freezing options

You can always get in contact with one of our IQF freezer specialists when you wish to know more about our freezing solutions or want to ask some questions.

Our specialist will happily help you in any way they can when you are considering which freezer is right for you. We are certain that you will find the right freezing solution in our selection that matches your requirements.

Call us or fill in the form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Søren Hansen

Area Sales Manager - Seafood processing

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Hugo Dissing - CEO - Carsoe

Hugo Dissing

CEO - Carsoe Group

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A world leading company within seafood and food processing

It is very important for us to deliver freezing options in exceptional quality adapted to the needs of each of our customers.

Therefore, Carsoe is a world leading company within our industry. We manufacture high quality IQF freezers and other seafood processing solutions. We develop the most complex systems enabling our solutions to perform every day offering a high yield to our customers.

Our aim is to keep developing the very best IQF freezers as an integrated part of your shrimp processing line. To do so we rely on our years of experience and our good relationships with our customers. Our relationships with our customers are very important to us. We believe that a good relationship will benefit our customers’ processing line as we can develop solutions that fit our customers’ needs perfectly. Regardless of whether you seek a small IQF freezer or a large one.

Get the help you need

At Carsoe we will do everything we can to ensure an excellent customer experience. Even after your freezing solution is installed, we will happily help you with any problem regarding our new freezer.

Therefore, you will get access to our specialised after sales team. Our specialists have an in-depth knowledge about the Carsoe processes and solutions. The team will solve your problem if you experience difficulties while using our food processing solutions.

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