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Palletizing Machine

We offer a fully automated palletizing solution. With our machine, the transport of boxes and frozen blocks is completely automated.

The system is designed to ensure full functionality even in heavy seas. The result is a robust automatic palletizer machine of high quality that saves an enormous amount of space.

The machine has easy adjustment for the number of layers you want on the pallet and the number of rounds with stretch film. This makes sorting and changing the different products an easy job. This is a perfect choice for automatic palletizing aboard factory trawlers.

Effective palletizing

3 advantages for your production



Saves space

We have focused on designing the palletizing machine as compact as possible, allowing you to save space. 

Saves time

Investing in this machine will save you time, as it is a fully automated palletizing solution.


Suitable for heavy seas

The Carsoe palletizing machine is robust and designed to ensure full functionality even in heavy seas. 

Safe storage

2in1 - Stretch film and palletizing

Our palletizer is a perfect choice for palletizing aboard factory trawlers, as the stretch film is added while the machine palletizes.

The integrated elevator enables this palletizing machine to apply stretch film on each layer of the pallet. This unique design prevents the products from falling during poor weather conditions.


Want to know more?

Contact us and let us work together to find the optimal solution for your vessel.

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