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Introducing the new automatic master carton packing line


Carsoe has finalized the design and production of a fully automatic master carton packing line in stainless steel. The machine is a refined version of our semi-automatic packing line.

The machine is designed to ensure a constant flow in your production, as well as enable several fully automated processes.  Your master packs are automatically handled, packed, strapped, labelled and ready for shipping – and all these processes are completed by the new packing line.


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Automated packing, strapping and labelling of 12 kg master packs


The machine is designed to pack 1kg and 3 kg boxes into 12 kg master packs, and to strap and label them afterwards.

Freezerpacks containing 1kg and 3kg boxes are delivered to the master pack station, and the boxes are placed on a conveyor. A scanner detects the product ID and will reject any boxes that do not contain the same product, to ensure that the master packs will contain 12 boxes of the same product.


At the end of the conveyor, there are three ultrasound sensors, which will detect whether the frame arriving on the conveyor is full, partially full, or empty:

  • 3 rows of 1kg boxes are read by the detector
  • The stacker lifts the first row into the magazine, thereafter 3 more rows are lifted automatically
  • When the top sensor in the magazine detects that there are 4 layers of 3 rows, the master carton descends
  • The sidewall of the stacker pushes the 12 boxes into the master


Following this, the master pack is brought to the strapper:

  • The sides of the master pack are closed with 2 straps
  • The master pack is then pushed onto the conveyor and brought forward to the label applicator
  • A label is applied to both ends of the master pack
  • The conveyor then brings the master pack to an elevator.


Finally, the master packs are stored in elevators before they are sent to palletizing.

Ready for shipping - In consumer packaging!

The master carton packing line offers several fully automated processes, the packing of the master packs as well as strapping and labelling. This offers our client a continuous flow of master packs ready to be palletized.

Most importantly, however, the machine packs the products onboard the factory trawler in consumer packaging. Thereby the master packs are ready to be shipped when the trawler arrives at the port, with no further need for sorting or re-packing at portside.

The many automated processes aid our clients in saving both manpower and time.


Leif Andersen

Senior Sales Manager

+45 40 13 81 82
Søren Hansen5

Søren Hansen

Area Sales Manager - Seafood processing

+45 30 11 26 85

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