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We are attending Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition 2022


Carsoe, Intech and KM Fish all have year-long business relations in the Icelandic fishing industry.

The joint Carsoe team is looking forward to meeting both new and existing customers at the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition on June 8 - 10.

KM Fish – a processing partner for more than 30 years

The KM processing equipment has been installed in processing factories since the 1990’s. Especially the KM Mark Fish Gutting Machines are a popular choice for efficient processing of the catch.

The equipment is installed both in land factories and in onboard processing factories. See the KM Mark 7 gutting machine at the expo and learn more about the many advantages to this model, including:

  • High capacity of 30-60 fish per minute
  • Improved gutting and cleaning of the fish
  • Compact design saves space on deck

Efficient shrimp processing from Intech

If you have been onboard fishing vessel on Iceland, you have most likely seen processing equipment from Intech.

The shrimp processing equipment, including the leading continuous Connie Cooker are installed on several coastal vessels as well as larger freezing trawlers from:

  • Iceland
  • Greenland
  • Estonia

The experienced installation crew from Intech has worked at Akureyri shipyard multiple times.

Carsoe – factory supplier for Ilivileq

Carsoe has delivered a complete processing plant for Ilivileq, the large fishing vessel Ilivileq owned by Arctic Prime Fisheries.

The onboard factory is delivered as a turnkey solution for both whitefish and pelagic species, including:

  • Automated palletizing and sorting of products
  • High capacity automatic plate freezers for continuous production
  • Onboard elevators for easy transportation between decks as well as efficient offloading


Icelandic Fisheries 2022

Intech and KM Fish are now a part of Carsoe.

This gives you an inexhaustible source for processing knowledge. Shrimp, fish or combination. Large or small vessel. Land based or onboard processing. We have done it all and are ready to assist you in finding the best solution to match your requirements.

Meet the combined Carsoe team in Hall 2, Stand D20 on Icelandic Fisheries 2022.


Leif Andersen

Senior Sales Manager

+45 40 13 81 82

Trond Bjørnøy

Sales Manager

+47 98 23 55 05