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Another Royal Greenland newbuild equipped with Carsoe shrimp factory


The renewal of the Royal Greenland fishing fleet has been an ongoing process for the past years and now the fifth trawler in the Royal Greenland fleet is a reality. Just as the previous four, this newest and most high-tech vessel, Akamalik, is equipped with a complete onboard processing factory from Carsoe.

The factory deck includes a complete shrimp processing factory with a high level of automation including robot handling and automatic freezing of the processed catch.

Bringing the experience from the previous vessel, especially Nataarnaq, which was delivered in 2021 and has since then set several records, the Carsoe factory on this newest addition to the Royal Greenland trawler fleet is also designed for high capacity. As a new addition, the factory will include an innovative palletizing section with three integrated palletizing robots.  

Onboard robot palletizing

On the compact factory deck of a factory trawler, it is essential to make the most of the space, all while ensuring an operationally reliable factory. With a total of three palletizing and sorting robots, the handling can be adjusted according to product type and production flow to keep the final part of the processing plant running smoothly.

For instance, with three robots, each overlapping the next robot’s range of motion, the production can continue without stop, even if one robot is inoperative. Furthermore, it is possible to bypass one or two robots and send the products straight to the cargo hold, if the catch does not require any further sorting. 

Palletizing and transportation of the catch to the cargo hold is done in a continuous flow and at a minimum of floor space with a cargo elevator as an integrated part of the palletizing machine.

This unique and adaptive handling setup creates a very flexible factory solution.

A reliable and well-tested shrimp factory

While the handling part of the factory contains many new features, the design of the processing factory is based on Carsoes numerous shrimp processing solutions. This factory plant is almost identical to the one on Nataarnaq including automatic bycatch separation and shrimp grading, a continuous cooking line as well as four IQF-tunnel freezers, each with a capacity of 25 t/day.

The factory is also designed with a separate line for Japan shrimp with a highly automated flow, including an automatic horizontal plate freezer and a masterpack line.

The vessel is to be delivered in Q1 2025 and will fish in the waters around Greenland.

A year-long processing partnership

Carsoe factories on the five Royal Greenland newbuilds

  • 2019: Sisimiut – Halibut and whitefish
  • 2019: Avataq – Shrimp and halibut
  • 2021: Nataarnaq – Shrimp
  • 2023: Tuugalik – Halibut, Cod and Shrimp
  • 2025: Akamalik – Shrimp
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Søren Hansen

Area Sales Manager - Seafood processing

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Hugo Dissing - CEO - Carsoe

Hugo Dissing

CEO - Carsoe Group

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Carsoe factories onboard five Royal Greenland factory trawlers