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Royal Greenlands Akamalik equipped with Carsoe shrimp factory

Onboard the vessel is a complete onboard shrimp factory which includes 3 innovative robot palletizing system, automatic bycatch separation and shrimp grading, a continuous cooking line and four IQF-tunnel freezers, each with a capacity of 25 t/day.

The factory also includes a separate line for Japan shrimp with a automated flow, an automatic horizontal plate freezer and a masterpack line.

Akamalik is scheduled is to be delivered in the first quarter of 2025 and will be shrimp fishing in the greenlandic waters. 

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Onboard robot palletizing

The 3 onboard robot palletizing and sorting robots has an adjustable handling to maximize the processing flow, and can be changed after the product type and production flow.
Using 3 palletizing robots it creates an overlapping effect between the robots production and ensures uninterrupted production, even in the event of a malfunction in one of the robots.

This unique processing line constellation ensures a flexible and efficient factory solution.

Year-long partnership

Royal Greenland and Carsoes partnership started over 4 years ago, and has successfully developt onboard seafood processinglines for vessels including Sisimiut, Avataq, Nataarnaq and Tuugalik. 

In November 2023 Carsoe had a successful FAT of Akamaliks semi-automatic plate freezer line.

Royal Greenlands chief engineer Frederik Voetmann Nielsen says: Carsoes systems is evident that they've continued to evolve, and most importantly, they've transformed a substantial portion of our feedback into reality. This is very positive for us."

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We at Carsoe thanks Royal Greenland for a good and long-lasting parthership and we look forward to many more years of collaboration.

Søren Hansen5

Søren Hansen

Area Sales Manager - Seafood processing

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Leif Andersen

Senior Sales Manager

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