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An Innovative Partnership

At Carsoe we strive to become a business partner for our customers. It adds the greatest value for both parties and the final result is improved when we combine our knowledge.

Creating a unique solution for Den Stolte Hane

One of our long-term partners is the poultry production factory Den Stolte Hane (Eng.: The Proud Rooster), and we are proud to be part of creating unique solutions for the factory.

Torben Hjorth, Project Manager at Den Stolte Hane agrees: “We have been working with Carsoe for five years now and we are very happy with our business partnership. Carsoe is skilled in finding solutions together with our team. This means that we can optimize our workflow and ensure a higher output in our production.”


Rethink and rebuild

Den Stolte Hane (Eng.: The Proud Rooster) is a very innovative company and every employee is encouraged to participate in the further development of the processing plant. “Challenging the status quo and focusing on development is part of our DNA at the Den Stolte Hane (Eng.: The Proud Rooster).

We often build our equipment from scratch. Carsoe has the know-how and the entrepreneurial mindset to help us reinvent our production,” Torben Hjorth explains. Often, the good ideas come from the operators, who have the hands-on experience and their knowledge is put into the new designs.


A complete partner

At Carsoe we handle our customers projects from start to finish. It all starts with a good idea or a few lines on a piece of paper and the job is not complete until the equipment is installed and the customer signs off.

This full-service attitude is also part of the fruitful partnership, according to Torben Hjorth: “Another reason why we like working with Carsoe is that fact that their technicians are very professional and dedicated. We often need to make some final adjustments on the equipment when it is delivered to our production facilities. The technicians from Carsoe are quick to solves these issues and they stay on the job until the equipment is running smoothly. That is of great value to us.”

The latest at Carsoe

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