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Markus - Coldwater shrimp factory trawler


Markus is owned by Qajaq Trawl and is identical to the Polar Seafood vessel, Nattoralik.

Carsoe has supplied the on-board production equipment, warehouse facilities, palletizing equipment as well as elevators.

Markus is set to operate in Greenland waters and is primarily meant to fish cold-water shrimps. However, thanks to the flexible design, it is possible to adjust the trawler to other fishery types. 

In 2023 Qajaq Trawl ordered a complete refit of the shrimp processing line of Markus, replacing their existing Japan line with a new semi-automatic Japan Shrimp line.

The new line enables a better usage of the onboard factory, as well as provides a product packaging size output more suitable for current retail demand.

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Semi-automatic Japan Shrimp Line for Optimized Production

This refit means that Markus gets a substantial improvement of the factory as a new customized Japan shrimp production is added to the factory deck. The solution is designed with a minimum of operator handling and has a processing capacity of 19 tons/day.

The high-capacity Japan line is built around the automatic horizontal plate freezer with automatic handling of the freezing trays, including in- and outfeed. Once the products are frozen, they proceed to automatic block ejection and packaging in sealed cardboard boxes, ready for retail.

The automated flow means less manual handling and eliminates heavy lifting in the factory deck.

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