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IQF Tunnel Freezer - warm water shrimp

The IQF Tunnel Freezer quickly freezes your warm water shrimp in a gentle way. The freezer is designed for individual freezing.

The Carsoe IQF Tunnel Freezer operates according to the vertical blowing principle.

It is worth noting that our IQF Tunnel Freezer is designed to form part of an automatic processing line, and therefore easy to integrate into existing processing lines.

How does it work?

Tunnel freezing process

The product moves through the machine on a conveyor and is led past axial fans. The fans blow the air through an evaporator generating an air temperature of below -30°c.

A quick freezing with a product temperature down to -18°c is achieved with this IQF tunnel freezer.

The cabinet is made of modules with polyurethane insulation, ensuring that no hot air enters the freezer and no cold air gets out. The conveyor frame is made of stainless steel, whereas the belt is made of fda-approved materials.

The open IQF-design facilitates a cleaning that meets even the strictest veterinary demands.


Want to know more?

Contact us and let us work together to find the optimal solution for shrimp processing line.

Niels Kronborg Nielsen

Niels Kronborg Nielsen

Senior Sales Manager

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Rasmus Kronborg Nielsen

Business Manager

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