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A valuable addition to your palletizing line

Onboard elevators

The Carsoe elevators is a valuable addition to your palletizing line. They ensure quick and effective transportation of your cargo between decks for easy handling and storage.

The elevators can even be used for quick and effective offloading. Integrating elevators into your factory layout presents clear advantages for your production processes:

  • Reduced need of manpower for handling
  • Save space onboard 
  • Automated and faster processing of your cargo.

Automate processes

Effective transportation of products

Our elevators enable quick and effective transportation of products between decks, as well as automatic loading of pallets from factory to cargo.

Add Carsoe elevators to your palletizing line to further automate processes and save time and money on both manpower and handling. Integrating elevators to your palletizing line also helps optimize space in your overall production.

Onboard handling

Optimized offloading with onboard elevators


Trucks, cranes, and manpower. Offloading your products can be a costly affair. An estimated guess is that it requires around 10-12 people to handle offloading. Adding elevators to you processing plant, can reduce the offloading manpower requirements to as few as two people.

When reaching port, our automatic elevator solution can transport your products from the cargo room to the deck. The cargo can be offloaded using trucks, directly from the quayside.

This significantly reduces manpower and handling for offloading. Your offloading is made much quicker and more efficient.



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