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Frøyanes - a revolutionary vessel from Ervik Havfiske

The new Frøyanes vessel is a pioneer in crab fishing, as it is the first crab vessel ever built with a moonpool. This results in a gentle handling of the catch and efficient fishing for the crew, with less vulnerability for tough sea and ice.

The innovation continues in the factory deck, where Carsoe has designed a production layout focusing on reducing the steam from crab cooking. A carefully planned production flow encapsulates the steam and prevents it from being released to the production environment.

Automated crab processing

The innovative crab cooking equipment is at the heart of the crab processing line. The turnkey line also includes butchering stations, grading and cleaning, freezing and glazing of up to 20 tons of crab legs a day. 

After processing, the crab products are sorted in a compact hotel solution with a complete automated sorting of the products. This means that each product/grade can be palletized separately for each handling once the ship reaches port.

Dual shrimp processing line

In addition to the onboard crab processing line, the factory deck is also fitted with a dual shrimp processing line from Carsoe. This includes bi-catch separators, grading and cooking.

Two IQF freezers ensures efficient and uniform freezing of the cooked shrimp, with a capacity of 22 tons of IQF frozen shrimp a day. Also, five vertical freezers ensure a 20 tons capacity for shrimp in blocks.

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