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Modern factory deck for multi-processing on Båragutt Havfiske vessel

The onboard combi-factory for the new Båragutt Havfiske AS vessel is designed, built, and installed by Carsoe. The choice of processing partner is based on our extensive experience in multi-processing factories utilizing every square inch of the factory deck for efficient and automated processing.

A Strong Processing Partnership

“We chose Carsoe as our factory supplier because of the factory design with efficient logistics and high capacity in the shrimp factory,” Arvid Hansen, Manager of Båragutt Havfiske says.

The onboard factory is designed to ensure maximum processing capacity for both fish and shrimp in the limited space onboard, and the intricate layout is designed in close collaboration between Carsoe and Båragutt to ensure, that the onboard workflow and processing requirements are included in the final factory. “We see Carsoe as a serious and quality-proven partner. Even though it is a large company, and our factory is not among the largest that they supply, we feel that we get full focus and attention,” says Arvid Hansen.

Processing Line for Automated Heading and Gutting

One part of the factory is a H/G processing line, with a capacity of 40 tons a day.  This line includes efficient heading, gutting, bleeding as well as efficient freezing in the four V16 Vertical Plate Freezers with automated unloading systems. This ensures a continuous flow and maintains a high processing capacity.

The goal is clear for Arvid Hansen:

“We aim to have a factory that delivers from day 1 with little downtime and trouble-free operations. With the extensive testing of equipment and solutions before installation and the considerable support provided by Carsoe during commissioning in the various seasons, we are confident that we will succeed.”

Automated shrimp processing line

The shrimp processing line is a continuous cooking line with a capacity of 15 tons a day. The line includes automatic grading, and efficient continuous cooking in two Connie cookers followed by a double IQF freezing tunnel. The frozen products are packed in 5 kg cartons before going to the cargo hold.

“We are very happy to be able to cook three different sizes of shrimp at the same time, in the limited space available in our factory. Shrimp, both for consumption and industry, is important for the vessel. In addition to a good whitefish/redfish factory, we will have a Norwegian top-class shrimp factory,” Arvid Hansen concludes.

About Båragutt Havfiske AS and the new vessel

Båragutt Havfiske AS is a fishing company based out of Tromsø. The family business is owned by two brothers, who are carrying on the family business. The new vessel will be named Eilifson after their father. The vessel is designed for both trawl and fly shooting and is 50,45 meters long and 13 meters wide with 18 crew members onboard.


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Sales Manager

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