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Fish washing unit

KM 20 Fish Washer

KM 20 Fish Washer is specifically designed for use alongside the KM Mark 5 Fish Gutting Machine and/or manual hand gutting. This state-of-the-art equipment exemplifies our commitment to excellence in fish processing equipment.

The injector system ensures that water is mixed with air, which gives a very efficient wash.

Technical specifications

Capacity 80-120 fish/minute
Power Electricity: 1 kW
Hydraulic: 10 l/minute at 70 bar
Water 1 only 1” connection
Max 10 m3 at 3.5 bar
Normal 5-7 m3 at 3.5 bar
Weight 500 kg
Materials Manufactured in polished stainless steel and F.D.A. approved materials
Niels Kronborg Nielsen

Niels Kronborg Nielsen

Senior Sales Manager

+45 40 89 46 35
Rasmus Kronborg Nielsen

Rasmus Kronborg Nielsen

Business Manager

+45 40 48 04 23

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