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Carsoe processing equipment

Fish grader system

The Carsoe fish grader consists of an infeed belt, a dynamic checkweigher, and a grading belt. Our graders can be supplied with various infeed, batching, and outfeed systems. This allows the graders to be fully integrated into your process onboard.

Customized fish grading line

The onboard fish grading line is designed according to your requirements and can handle different fish like cod, redfish, halibut etc. 

After checkweighing, the fish continues on the grading belt, where each grade is sent automatically sent to the designated buffer tank before being transported for further processing.


Trond Bjørnøy

Sales Manager

+47 98 23 55 05
Ruben Nielsen - Carsoe US - Seafood Processing Sales

Ruben Nielsen

VP Sales - Carsoe US

+1 206 771 5254

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