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Connie 1200 XL

Connie 1200 XL is a continuous cooker for larger products such as lobster and crab.

The machine boils the product in an even and quick way. The continuous flow in the production process ensures that every product is cooked in exactly the same way, with the same salt content and the same taste. This provides a final product of highest quality - both visual and in terms of taste.

Connie 1200 XL is easily cleaned due to the hygienic design and the special conveyor lifting system.

Product information

Key features of the Connie 1200 XL cooker


  • Continuous cooker for lobster and crab
  • Large capacity
  • Boils the products in an even and quick way
  • Every product is cooked in exactly the same way
  • Final product of highest quality
  • Hygienic design



Technical data of the Connie 1200 XL


Capacity: Up to 2500 kg per hour at 3 minutes cooking
Cooking: 1-15 minutes
Start-up time: Approx. 70 min. from 5⁰ to 98⁰ C
Oil 300 kW: 27 kg/h oil
Temperature drop in standby: Approx. 1⁰ C per hour



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