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CS1825 & 1826

Box Forming Machine


The box forming machine forms either lids or bottoms for 5 kg cartons for shell-on shrimp. In this version, the magazine for carton is integrated in the machine, thus saving space. The machine is designed to form part of an automatic line, delivering the lids/ bottoms to the weighing stations.

The flat sheets of carton are fed to a magazine and conveyed to the forming unit by means of a pneumatic system. Here, they are formed by one of the two pistons. The forming head folds and locks the parts without using glue in the process.

Box forming

Fish equipment for onboard processing

The box forming machine is extremely user-friendly, and it is very easy to change between forming lids and bottoms. This equipment will automate your onboard processes.

It can also be equipped with extras, such as automated labeling. It is a very steady box forming machine which makes perfect cardboard boxes at a high-speed capacity:


Capacity of machine CS 1825:
Magazine: 550 flat sheets of carton
Max.: 23 boxes/minute

Capacity of machine CS 1826:
Magazine: 250 flat sheets of carton
Max.: 8 boxes/minute without printer / 6 - 8 boxes/minute with printer


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