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Automatic place freezing solutions

Function test of 5 automatic plate freezers at the same time

Carsoe is a leading freezing solution partner for customers across the world, and we have recently produced and tested a total of 5 automatic horizontal plate freezers from 3 different freezing setups at the SAME day and time in our production in Aalborg, Denmark. 

Experienced plate freezing partner

The freezer may be automatic, but the process of designing each freezer is a custom process. Tray sizes, capacity, freezer dimension, product flow, and many other factors are included in the freezer design to ensure efficient production processes.

Carsoe produces automatic plate freezers in a continuous flow in our workshop. Each freezer is thoroughly tested before leaving the factory.

A food processing trend: Automatic plate freezing

The focus on automated freezing solutions is becoming increasingly important for customers in both land-based and onboard facilities. The reduced manual handling as well as the continuous production flow are two of the main reasons why companies chose to invest in automatic freezing solutions.

Automatic plate freezing for any processing industry

Meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, alternative protein. Plate freezers are suitable for a wide variety of products. Manual plate freezers have been used for many years. The dual-contact freezing makes plate freezing the fastest way of freezing products in bulk. Manual plate freezers can take up a lot of space in the production facility, which is why automatic plate freezers have become a widely used freezing solution for processing onboard larger fishing vessels where floor space is valuable.

On land, more and more production facilities are also looking towards automated plate freezing solutions to reduce manual labor and keep production running efficiently with a higher capacity that requires less space in the production facilities.

Combining the proven freezing method of the manual plate freezing with intelligent and automated processes makes automatic plate freezing a strong and reliable solution for freezing products. The continuous flow of products through the systems means short freezing times, thus reducing your energy consumption.