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Continuous cooker and batch cooker

Reach higher capacity with automatic shrimp cookers


Automatic shrimp cookers enhance your production in terms of becoming faster, larger, and more uniform. They are increasingly being applied in factory lines onboard vessels and land-based installations as they provide high volume cooking capacity, faster processing, and less manual labor for your crew. 

Shrimp cooker for efficient shrimp processing

Our two types of automatic shrimp cookers, continuous cooker and batch cooker, work perfectly in any processing line, both together and apart.

Whether the two cookers are used in combination or on its own, they will simply change your factory for the better. The cookers are made from bead blasted and acid resistant steel and have an open design.

This means that they are sturdy enough to handle the tough conditions onboard trawlers, and strong enough to last for many years. At the same time, the open design allows for easy daily cleaning. Both cookers require minimal maintenance.

Rapid and uniform cooking

Due to the innovative technology in both cookers, you are ensured a rapid and uniform shrimp cooking process. Both cookers have the option of adjusting cooking time and temperature, and they are designed to be part of an automatic processing line and are easy to implement.

Two different shrimp cooking methods

There are two different methods for cooking shrimp in the processing flow. The main difference in the two cookers is their method of cooking the shrimp.



Continuous shrimp cooker

The continuous Connie cooker consists of a stainless-steel belt that drives through the cooking bin. Thereby, the shrimp is cooked as the belt moves through the bin.

As a result of the continuous flow in the cooking process, every single shrimp is cooked:

  • The exact same time
  • With the same temperature
  • With the same salt content.

This process provides a high-quality shrimp both in terms of looks and taste. Connie cooker is operated by an intelligent control system and has few moving parts, which results in low maintenance costs.


Batch cooker for shrimp

The automatic batch cooker consists of a system of baskets in which shrimp are cooked one charge at a time.

A gentle paddle system for stirring ensures the perfect uniform cooking.

  • The shrimp are cooled and ready for freezing when leaving the cooker
  • Time of cooking and cooling as well as temperature can be individually adjusted

The high-capacity cooker is fully automated and PLC-controlled, and the filling of the basket is controlled by ultrasound. The shrimp batch cooker is designed to ensure easy cleaning.

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Automatic shrimp cookers


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